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Pia’s (Almost) Annual Perfume Tour – London, Thursday 9th June 2015

Editor’s Note: Due to Tara’s travelling to Vienna this week, we have her traditional Thursday post on a Wednesday. Enjoy! By Tara The last two fumie get-togethers organised by the wonderful Pia of Volatile Fiction have been an absolute blast. … Continue reading

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High Spirits – Review: Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling

By Tara Juniper Sling is an homage to London Dry Gin and the Jazz Age. Really, you couldn’t get a better beverage to inspire a fragrance than gin. It can be infused with a wide range of natural botanicals including … Continue reading

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Fashion Forward – Review: Penhaligon’s Tralala

By Tara Tralala; what a fantastic name for a perfume. It’s very hard to say it to yourself in anything other than a sing-songy voice. It’s what a young girl would trill while skipping through a meadow on a sunny … Continue reading

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The Ballerina, The Maharaja and The Tailor – Reviews: Iris Prima, Vaara and Sartorial By Penhaligon’s

By Tara Established in 1870, Penhaligon’s is a quintessentially English fragrance house. I am fond of their witty, English eccentric style and they have made some interesting choices regarding their perfumes in the last few years. Admirably, they have managed … Continue reading

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Penhaligon’s Love Potion N°9 And Gaultier Kokorico Full Bottles Giveaway

My friend Georgy, one of the very few real flesh and blood Perfumistas I know in Vienna, has decided to purge his collection in favor of a new By Kilian (Straight To Heaven) and you, dear readers are the beneficiaries. … Continue reading

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Stop Screaming! – Review: Penhaligon’s Eau Sans Pareil

Eau sans Pareil is part of the Anthology collection, a series of perfumes re-invented, re-imagined, re-created based on past Penhaligon’s releases. Sans Pareil means unparalleled, and while I would not go so far and apply that to the entire perfume, … Continue reading

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Penhaligon’s Amaranthine Giveaway Winner Announced!

The response to Penhaligon’s generous full bottle giveaway of Amaranthine was very positive. Thank you all for entering and letting us know why you would be the ideal wearer of this corrupted floral by Bertrand Duchaufour. Random.org makes it easy … Continue reading

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Perfume On Mount Olympus – Scenting The Greek Goddesses

By Guest Writer Alexandra Editor’s Note: Please let us welcome regular reader Alexandra, who graciously agreed to write a post on scenting Greek Goddesses. Alexandra is a museum professional and lives in London.  A few weeks ago Birgit offered some … Continue reading

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Fragrant Mystery – Review: Penhaligon’s Artemisia

You do not hear much about Artemisia in Perfumeland. I wonder why that is. Does everybody find it unworthy of reviewing? Is it not marketed enough by Penhaligon’s, so nobody knows about it? Is it so bad, it is shunned … Continue reading

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A Cure For All Diseases – Review: Penhaligon’s Anthology Collection Orange Blossom 1976

The original Orange Blossom was a perfume from 1976, it has been recreated as part of the Anthology Collection by everybody’s favorite perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufour. (No, I am not being suggestive or even manipulative, why do you ask?) The perfume has been … Continue reading

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