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Happy New Year! – Review: Caron Bellodgia

Today is the last day of 2010 (I am fairly certain you did not need me to point that out, but bear with me ;)). This year went by in a flash, it seems the older I get the faster … Continue reading

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Spring Surprise – Review: Serge Lutens Bas De Soie

I never would have thought I would like Bas de Soie. But I do, I love it. Maybe I just don’t know what I want. Maybe what I want changes all the time. Maybe I am just really flexible. Maybe … Continue reading

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Coffee Candles By Olivia Giacobetti

“La Route du Café is an exclusive collection of scented candles which reveals the very essence of coffee, from its birth to its maturity. The range of delicate fragrances created for Nespresso by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti will fill your senses … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things – 2010 Edition

As the year comes to an end, I’d like to set down my favorite things during this entire year, based on what I read, listened to or loved the most in the last year. Please bear in mind, that I … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes – Les Coulisses Du Parfum By Osmoz

I received the entire five volumes of Les Coulisses du Parfum for Christmas. My dear husband took my hints to heart, but that I would get the entire series was a wonderful and very generous surprise. Volumes I-V contain individual … Continue reading

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The Princess – Review: Chanel N° 5 Eau Première

A little while ago I wrote about the Grande Dame of perfume, the most famous, the best-selling fragrance ever. No wonder that such a marketing machine demands to be fed. So Chanel stepped up to the challenge and produced Chanel N°5‘s … Continue reading

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What The Christkindl Brought…

The “Christkindl” was very good perfume-wise, this year. I received the entire set of “Les Coulisses du Parfum” from Osmoz. I will be the master sniffer in no time 😉 Also the discovery set from niche line “By Kilian” found … Continue reading

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Monday Question: What Was Your Favorite Perfume In 2010?

What perfume did you wear most this past year? What was your favorite new find? Is there a perfume you had to say good bye to in the last year (because it was discontinued or reformulated?) What new release of … Continue reading

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Short But Sweet! – Scent Of The Day

Even though I have not been blogging for long, it has quickly grown into an activity I enjoy very much, rather than a chore (that´s how it should be I guess;)), so when I cannot do my usual routine of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! – Review: Caron Nuit de Noel

I wish all of you, who have been kind enough to visit, comment or link to my blog, a very merry Christmas! Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday, or just enjoy some downtime, I hope you can relax and … Continue reading

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