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Sweet Memories – Review: Aftelier Perfumes Fig

Heya Olfactoria’s Travelers, Portia with you from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse. About 2 years ago I had a dinner party and afterwards we sniffed some frags. I had hand picked 6 and wanted everyone to try one at … Continue reading

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Tea Time With Mandy Aftel

By Sandra Birgit asked me a while ago if I would be interested in trying Mandy Aftel’s new fragranced organic teas. I love tea and cannot go a day without it. Also, I have never tried anything from Mandy Aftel … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Mandy Aftel Of Aftelier Perfumes

In this new series of mini-interviews, I posed twenty questions to people in Perfumeland that I admire. The questions are very personal ones, the focus of this series is on the people behind the brands, not the products. I find … Continue reading

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Escape! – Review: Aftelier Sepia

When Mandy Aftel releases a new perfume and generously sends me a sample, the first thing I do is adjourn to the privacy of my office and listen to Eminem. Soundtrack in place, I cautiously apply a little bit to … Continue reading

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The Gleam In A Mother’s Eye – Review: Aftelier Secret Garden Eau de Parfum

Usually wearing an Aftelier creation, is quite a ride. When I apply Tango or Cepes&Tuberose, many feelings are stirred up, emotions abound and I am preoccupied and enthralled, as well as challenged and moved. It is not that Secret Garden … Continue reading

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I Love The Way You Lie – Review: Aftelier Cepes & Tuberose

I often react to a perfume in a synesthetic way, I see a color or a texture, or more predictably like most people, I react emotionally. A memory is evoked or a certain mood is triggered. Mandy Aftel’s perfumes make … Continue reading

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Perfume As Medicine – Sleepless Nights, Aches And Pains And More

We all know perfume is powerful and that is why we love it. Perfume is able to conjure memories, to evoke feelings, to influence moods. Perfume is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing works better at making us happy, … Continue reading

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Two Divas – Review And Giveaway: Aftelier Haute Claire

Mandy Aftel has launched a new perfume and all the blogs rally. When Mandy releases something new, that is an occasion to pay attention to, because there is no one comparable out there. Mandy is truly in a league of … Continue reading

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Wordless – Review: Aftelier Tango

When I apply Mandy Aftel‘s Tango many things happen at once. The most impressive thing, for somebody like me who loves writing and loves writing about perfume even more, is the fact that it overwhelms me with a multitude of … Continue reading

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A Lily By Another Name – Review: Aftelier Perfumes Orchid Solid Perfume

When I first tried Aftelier solids I was struck by their wonderfully soft consistency and their skin-caring smoothness. Wildflowers had me swooning, so of course I wanted more. Orchid was the next solid perfume I tested. What a surprise upon … Continue reading

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