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Sandra’s Perfume Sale – Happy Shopping!

OT contributor Sandra has gone through her perfume cabinet and her rejects are your gain. Take a look around, maybe you find a perfume you always wanted at a bargain price! Please contact Sandra directly under Sandra dot Glittenberg at … Continue reading

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Stepford Wives – Review: Mousse II by Oliver+Co

Hey Olfactoria’s Travelers, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse finally getting to a lovely set I bought earlier in the year. These guys send beautifully packaged 10ml spritzers, very classy and a great size to really get to … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Sarah McCartney Of 4160 Tuesdays

I met Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays when I went to London last March. She is a quirky, funny and utterly approachable perfumer who is successful with her own small line. Sarah gives the most unusual names to her perfumes (e.g.: The … Continue reading

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Alyssa Harad in Conversation with Persolaise, London – 20th May 2014

By Tara Author Alyssa Harad is so vivacious, funny and warm it’s hard to do her justice in writing. She says nearly everything with a smile in her voice. Even when she gives a reading from her memoir “Coming To … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Have You Ever Re-Purchased A Perfume?

Perfume junkies like us are not known for using up bottles. We tend to acquire more than we are able to wear in a lifetime, so emptying bottles is not our usual modus operandi. But has it ever happened to … Continue reading

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Sunday, Foodie Sunday With Val – Humble Homemade Hummus

By Val, the Cookie Queen Having mastered our vegetable cutting skills and had some dessert, let’s move onto some delicious creamy hummus. There are so many pages, both virtual and paper, dedicated to hummus I cannot possibly compete, indeed that is not my … Continue reading

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Fatal Attraction Or How I Couldn’t Say No To Vetiver – Review: Atelier Cologne Vétiver Fatal

The other day I was talking to my friend Sandra about missing certain perfumes. She asked whether I ever regretted giving a perfume away. Of course I said no at first, because the Serge Lutens back and forth shenanigans of … Continue reading

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Pia’s (Almost) Annual Perfume Tour, London – Saturday 17th May 2014

By Tara I was fortunate enough to go on one of the perfume tours organised by Pia (of the blog Volatile Fiction) two years ago and once again a group of us (Pia, her husband Timo, Sarah, Irum, Nick, Ella … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Natalie Of Another Perfume Blog

Today Natalie of Another Pefume Blog has graciously agreed to answer my questions and let us look behind the blog persona. Natalie is a very well-travelled, cosmopolitan woman, she currently resides in Sydney, but has lived in many parts of the world … Continue reading

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A Stroll Through Central Park – Review: Ramon Monegal – Very Private for Bergdorf Goodman

By Sandra I really did not want to tell you about another exclusive perfume which will be impossible to get your hands on. I really did not. But then, the sample fell into my lap and I have had the … Continue reading

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