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Alternative Uses Of Perfume – The Husband Reports

By The Husband Having a two year old can sometimes be a challenge. I don’t mean the old “I get up at 5am every day, because I can” routine, or the “Let me see if I can use the iPad … Continue reading

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The Best Of 2011 – My Favorite Perfumes Of The Year

I love to read lists. I adore it, in fact and the end of a year always brings many a good list to savor. But I don’t particularly like making lists. That is because I always, and I mean always, forget … Continue reading

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Bodyguard – Review: Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille

Tobacco Vanille is another one perfect for cold weather. Like an additional layer of clothing, Tobacco Vanille manages to make me feel warm, cozy, toasty and snug, no matter what temperature. But that is not all, this perfume has additional … Continue reading

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A Fragrant Vacation – Mini Reviews

We are staying in the cottage for the week. A vacation from daily drudgery and routines. No work, no Kindergarten, no important stuff. No perfume? Ha, inconceivable. No, don’t worry, where I go, there will always be perfume. I assembled … Continue reading

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Beauty Lies In Simple Things – Review: By Kilian Rose Oud

As you can imagine, three fragrances with oud in their name have not been very high on my to try list, but since I have dived head-first into Kilian Hennessy’s opus and liked, no, loved what I found there and … Continue reading

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Il Profumo Dell’Anima – Review: La Via Di Profumo Balsamo Della Mecca

When it is cold outside, so cold that you see your breath in little plumes in front of you, so cold that you wish for another layer of clothing or three, so cold that you bury your hands in your … Continue reading

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If Only You Could Bottle It – Christmas For Perfume Nerds

I saw this little video and thought this might be a short and sweet message for today – perfume people understand. Have a lovely day!

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Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays!

In Austria, Christmas Eve is the big day. Like the British Royal Family, Austrians celebrate on the evening of the 24th.  My SotD will in all probability be Puredistance I, my go-to celebration perfume. So I wish you a very … Continue reading

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What To Wear For The Holidays – My Favorite Festive Perfumes

The next days are full of celebrations and festive events for most of us. A special occasion calls for a special perfume. Here are a few suggestions of my favorite festive fragrances to wear for the upcoming Holiday celebrations. Parfumerie … Continue reading

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Back To The Future – Review: Serge Lutens Feminité du Bois

In science-fictions books or movies time travel is a regular occurrence. Do you know those scenes when the protagonist visits his younger self to give some essential advice that eventually saves the world? Well, if I had the chance to give … Continue reading

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