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Old School Simplicity – Review: Chanel Eau de Cologne

Dearest and most delightful Olfactoria’s Travelers, Portia in the OT house from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse. I am not really the cool, crisp and classy kinda guy or gal on most occasions, there are plenty of words to … Continue reading

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Unassuming Beauty – Review: Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle Eau de Magnolia

By Tara The brand new Eau de Magnolia has a breezy loveliness about it. At first I wondered if it was too understated to make an impact next to its more striking companions in the Editions de Parfums line-up, but … Continue reading

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The Best Of 2013

To abuse a cliché everyone over the age of thirty or so uses this time of the year – the time flew by. This year really went by in a blink, and when I seemingly just the other day wrote … Continue reading

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Precious Metals – Review: Atelier Cologne Gold Leather and Silver Iris

By Tara As you are probably aware, Atelier Cologne make Cologne Absolues which are cologne style fragrances with the lasting power of eau de parfums. The line is generally very well done and extremely wearable. Gold Leather and Silver Iris … Continue reading

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The Scent Of Innocence – Review: Jo Malone Blackberry And Bay Cologne

Am I a great Jo Malone fan? No. Honestly, while I always loved the visuals of the brand, I used to look down on the perfumes from my undeserved, little Perfumista pedestal as cute, but uninspired. My, how arrogant can … Continue reading

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A Visit At Jo Loves In London – And A Giveaway!

My dear friend and loyal reader M., known around the blogosphere as Lady Jane Grey, was kind enough to share her account of her recent visit to the Jo Malone showroom in London. Let’s welcome M. and thank her for … Continue reading

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Beauty On The Outside – Review: Acqua di Parma Colonia, Colonia Intensa and Colonia Essenza

Sometimes I follow my eyes towards a perfume, and sometimes that leads me to something nice and worthwhile. Acqua di Parma is such a line, where what I saw interested me more, than what I expected to smell. That may … Continue reading

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New York, New York – Review: Le Labo Tubereuse 40

Tubereuse 40 is named, like all their other offerings, in the (slightly annoying) Le Labo fashion, the ingredient with the highest concentration gives the name, and the number of ingredients in the formula is added behind. It most cases that … Continue reading

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Re-calibrating The Nose – Review: Parfums d’Orsay Etiquette Bleue

A true cologne in the classic style is a wonderful thing. It is timeless – traditional and utterly modern at the same time. It is genderless – nothing else works so perfectly without taking perceived boundaries between feminine and masculine … Continue reading

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So What Do I Conquer Next? – Review: Parfum d’Empire Eau de Gloire

Eau de Gloire was the first perfume launched by Parfum d’Empire and it is an hommage to Napoleon Bonaparte. He was fond of cologne and is said to have used several bottles a day to drench himself from head to … Continue reading

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