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Journey’s End – A Goodbye To Perfumeland

My dear Readers, this will be my last post for the forseeable future. I am putting Olfactoria’s Travels on hiatus, if it will be a permanent one, only time can tell. Let me explain. Five years ago, on October 30 … Continue reading

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Love Story – Review: 4160 Tuesdays The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever (IMHO), Sleep Knot and Pillow Talk

By Tara There is something pleasing about a trilogy; you get a beginning, a middle and an end. When taken together, this trio of Eau de Parfums by 4160 Tuesdays tells the story of a burgeoning relationship. As usual, indie … Continue reading

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Instant Gratification – Review: Parfumerie Generale Liqueur Charnelle

By Tara There are a fair few louche, boozy scents out there but what sets apart Liqueur Charnelle is the clever frosted raspberries accord. Tart, icy and unexpected, it lifts this dissolute fragrance out of the ordinary and gives it … Continue reading

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Luca Turin at The Perfume Society – Les Senteurs, London on Saturday 3rd October 2015

By Tara Who doesn’t have a one copy of Perfumes: The A-Z Guide? I have two. Jo Fairley, co-founder of The Perfume Society, has known Luca Turin since the early 90’s when she interviewed him about his vibrational theory of … Continue reading

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Rosy Skin: Review – Serge Lutens Rose de Nuit

By Tara When my great pal, Val the Cookie Queen, generously gave me a decant from her bottle of Paris exclusive Rose de Nuit, I expected a rose with an animalic edge. On first wear, what I actually experienced was … Continue reading

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Strength In Beauty: Review – Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin

By Tara When it was released in 2013, there were conflicting stories as to the inspiration behind La Fille de Berlin. I prefer to think its muse is German movie icon, Marlene Dietrich. She exuded a unique kind of feminine … Continue reading

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New York Via Grasse: Review – Von Eusersdorff Classic Orange, Classic Opoponax, Classic Mimosa and Classic Patchouli

By Tara The stylised flower logo of perfume house Von Eusersdorff first caught my eye on social media. After reading a number of positive reports, I got some samples of the fragrances. Von Eusersdorff was established by Camille Henfling, who … Continue reading

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Not So Still Life: Review – DSH Perfumes The Giverny in Bloom Collection

By Tara Displaying artworks in galleries with complimentary aromas seems to be a growing trend and one I’d like to explore. There is currently a ‘Sensorium’ at Tate Britain in London, where IFF perfumers have worked with Odette Toilette to … Continue reading

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Eastern Promise: Review – Etro Shaal Nur

By Tara I have a fondness for light incense fragrances such as L’Artisan Parfumeur’s transportive Passage d’Enfer. Therefore I’ve long been eager to try another reputedly airy incense which was released back in 1997 – Shaal Nur. I’m grateful to … Continue reading

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Sunlit Water: Review – Dior Eau Fraiche

By Tara From the very first moment I spray Eau Fraiche I recognise it as an Edmond Roudnitska composition. Many cite Eau Sauvage (1967) as the forerunner to Diorella (1972), however Roudnitska stated that its antecedent was actually Eau Fraiche … Continue reading

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