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Luca Turin at The Perfume Society – Les Senteurs, London on Saturday 3rd October 2015

By Tara Who doesn’t have a one copy of Perfumes: The A-Z Guide? I have two. Jo Fairley, co-founder of The Perfume Society, has known Luca Turin since the early 90’s when she interviewed him about his vibrational theory of … Continue reading

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Alpha Male – Review: Parfums de Nicolai New York

By Tara You may be aware that New York is the fragrance Luca Turin tells us in Perfumes: The Guide that he wore for a decade. It’s an eau de toilette aimed at men that was launched in 1989 and … Continue reading

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The Art And Olfaction Awards

Guest Post by Jordan River New Awards for Indie and Artisan Perfumers The Art and Olfaction Awards 2014 brings us a new award model for independent and artisan perfumers called The Art and Olfaction Awards. These awards have been established … Continue reading

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Incredible Irises – Perfume Lovers London, Thursday 22nd November

By Tara Iris is one of my favourite notes. Its presence can add a touch of class and interest to just about any perfume. I’m obviously not alone in this view because The New Cavendish Club was packed out for … Continue reading

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For The Very First Time – Perfumista Rites of Passage

By Tara At the beginning of our journey through Perfumeland most of us will encounter a number of small milestones which make us feel more and more like a member of this secret scented society. Here are some of mine … Continue reading

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The Great Unsniffed-How A Big Imagination Leads To Even Bigger Desire

I want what I can’t (or almost can´t) have. That is the story of my life… (side note: M., for once this is NOT a husband bashing post :D) The quest for the hard to get is one of my favorite pastimes. When it … Continue reading

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Objectivity of Olfaction – Do we smell the same thing?

Luca Turin says smell is objective, just like vision is. A clearly defined wavelength, allowing no room for subjective perception. That is, in my humble, non-scientific opinion, quite possibly true, even if Turin has a lot of trouble getting his peers … Continue reading

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