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New Fragrance, New Idea – Parfums D’Orsay Tilleul Pour La Nuit Eau de Soin

Parfums d’Orsay is a small niche line that has some lovely perfumes. I’ve been seduced by L’Intrigante, Etiquette Bleue and La Dandy so far. Now they are launching a new scent with a new concept. Tilleul has been available as an Eau … Continue reading

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My Epicurean Self – Review: Parfums d’Orsay La Dandy Pour Femme

Parfums d’Orsay is a line that stays pretty much under the radar for some reason. (One of the reasons that it is not well known in the US might be that Luckyscent does not carry the line, but First in … Continue reading

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Re-calibrating The Nose – Review: Parfums d’Orsay Etiquette Bleue

A true cologne in the classic style is a wonderful thing. It is timeless – traditional and utterly modern at the same time. It is genderless – nothing else works so perfectly without taking perceived boundaries between feminine and masculine … Continue reading

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My Marie Antoinette Moment – Review: Parfums d’Orsay L’Intrigante

If you have not heard a lot about Parfums d’Orsay previously, don’t worry. Neither have I. Ines sent me a decant of L’Intrigante and I promptly went from initial bewildered awe to all-out obsession. The house of Parfums d’Orsay is marketed as a … Continue reading

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