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Bottle Of The Month: August – And A Giveaway!

The bottle of the month of August is my first one (definitely not my last though) from Parfums MDCI, Péché Cardinal. I would have liked the bust bottle, but of course, common sense prevailed and I bought (and shared) a plain … Continue reading

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Stop Screaming! – Review: Penhaligon’s Eau Sans Pareil

Eau sans Pareil is part of the Anthology collection, a series of perfumes re-invented, re-imagined, re-created based on past Penhaligon’s releases. Sans Pareil means unparalleled, and while I would not go so far and apply that to the entire perfume, … Continue reading

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Dolce Vita Profumato – A Visit To Profumeria Al Sacro Cuore In Bologna

The reason I went to Bologna this year before our family vacation at the Adriatic coast was to visit the most beautiful perfume store the city has to offer – Antica Profumeria al Sacro Cuore. One of the first niche … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Are Your Quintessential Seasonal Perfumes?

By Tara Which perfumes do you most associate with spring, summer, autumn/fall and winter? These aren’t necessarily your favourites, but the ones you think evoke each season the best. My Answer: Spring –  Cartier L’Heure Fougueuse This perfume makes me so … Continue reading

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A Few New Impressions On A Few Old Perfumes (And A Few New Ones Too) – Mini-Reviews

I went for a little sniffing trip to the department store and here are just a few impressions. I did not want to smell only new releases this time, but mostly ones I always overlook for one reason or another, … Continue reading

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Softness – Review: Ys Uzac Lale

The second of the four Ys Uzac perfumes I’m taking a closer look at is called Lale. The word is made up of the french la and le, feminine and masculine, making the unisex nature of this unusual floral clear … Continue reading

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Quick Update – Olfactoria In Stress-Mode

I wanted to quickly check in with all of you, since I am back from my vacation, but I literally only have a minute of time for blog writing right now. But instead of moan and bitch about my stress … Continue reading

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Live And Laugh – Review: Ys Uzac Monodie

Another niche house with a strange name. Maybe I’m getting tired, maybe I need another vacation, but I didn’t feel very motivated to get to know yet another new line. Enough already! was my feeling. But a dear friend brought … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Do You Like To Buy Perfume Unsniffed?

Are you prone to dare-devil acts of unsniffed buying? Is a blind-buy an exhilarating and fun risk you like to take? Or is even thinking of blind buying making you sweat and fret? My Answer: I have to say, sometimes … Continue reading

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I Want, I Need, I Have To Have – The Trouble With Impulse Buys

Do you recognize the following scenario? You innocently walk into a store (one of the perfume carrying variety of course), intending to browse a little, checking what is in stock, maybe sniffing two or three perfumes on your list, but … Continue reading

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