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Sexy As Hell – Review: Le Labo Labdanum 18

By Michael How do you decide which perfumes to test? Where possible I like to explore a whole line or brand at a time. It helps me understand the style of the fragrances and identify the house notes, if they … Continue reading

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Read Up On The Le Labo City Exclusives – Available Worldwide For One Month Only

Le Labo has us coveting the city exclusives, since for most of the time they are what they say they are: exclusive to their city of origin. For the third time now, Le Labo relax their own rules and let … Continue reading

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Perfume News: Le Labo Aldehyde 44 Discontinued – Plus Review

Le Labo is discontinuing its Dallas exclusive fragrance Aldehyde 44. The Barney’s store in Dallas has been home to Le Labo, and unfortunately it is closing on March 2. Le Labo are saying: No Dallas, no Aldehyde 44. A decision … Continue reading

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Sweet Little Thing – The World Of Vanilla Part III

Editor’s Note: Here we go with Part III of the talented Neil’s Vanilla series. If you have missed Part I and Part II, make sure to have a look. Neil really knows how to make a perfume sound irresistible… VANIGLIA DEL MADAGASCAR/ … Continue reading

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Short But Sweet – Review: Le Labo Labdanum 18

Le Labo Labdanum 18 is a sure-fire winner for everyone loving Shalimar. If you like Musc Ravageur as well, then there is nothing you won’t like about Labdanum 18. Only maybe it might seem a little redundant… Labdanum 18 was … Continue reading

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My New York City Sniffing Tour – Part I

Four days in New York City! This long awaited and hotly anticipated trip was wonderful and, as I knew it would be, too short to do everything I wanted to. But that is okay, it is always nice to know … Continue reading

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London, England – Review: Le Labo Poivre 23

Poivre 23 has the distinction of being the one Le Labo city-exclusive I have ever seen in person. At the freestanding Le Labo store in London as well as the counter at Liberty’s. And you know what: once it is … Continue reading

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Paris, France – Review: Le Labo Vanille 44

I expected Vanille 44 to be my favorite out of the bunch of city-exclusive samples I ordered from Le Labo. Let us see how we got on… Vanille 44 was created by Alberto Morillas and includes notes of bergamot, incense, mandarine, … Continue reading

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Los Angeles, California – Review: Le Labo Musc 25

Musc 25 is Le Labo’s Los Angeles exclusive, available at all Le Labo stores and online, as well as at Luckyscent, throughout the month of November. Created by Frank Völkl, Musc 25 includes notes of aldehyde, ambergris, musk, lily of … Continue reading

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New York, New York – Review: Le Labo Tubereuse 40

Tubereuse 40 is named, like all their other offerings, in the (slightly annoying) Le Labo fashion, the ingredient with the highest concentration gives the name, and the number of ingredients in the formula is added behind. It most cases that … Continue reading

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