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Inside The Snowglobe

In the country… It has been snowing for hours. Soft, glittering snowflakes. It feels like being inside a snowglobe. Beauty is everywhere tonight.

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Monday Question – Let’s Talk Make-Up!

Last week it was fun to talk about skincare. Your responses were so interesting and I think we all enjoyed a peek into each others bathroom cabinets. So to stay a bit sideways of the perfume topic once more, I’d … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things – Summer 2014 Edition

I haven’t done a Favorite Things post for a while, so today I want to compile a list of things that I do, see, crave, use or love at the moment and hope you will share yours in the comments. … Continue reading

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In Search For Hidden Beauty – The Smythson, Tom Ford And French Boys Edition

Today I want to share a few things with you that are beautiful and just looking at them makes my day better. Tom Ford Foundation Stick in Alabaster: I bought this at Selfridges at the recommendation of my good friend … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Nathalie Fedorova From Beautycalypse

Today I want to welcome the gorgeous Nathalie from Berlin. She runs the eco- and health-conscious beauty blog Beautycalypse. Nathalie is a self-confessed geek, sci-fi, fantasy and computer game fiend who has a background in writing and photograpy who now works … Continue reading

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In Search Of Hidden Beauty – Town Mouse And Country Mouse

I wanted to share a few photos from our recent vacation. The first three are in the country, the last two back in the city. I love that we have the opportunity to experience both realms, I think it is … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Undina Of Undina’s Looking Glass

Undina is best known throughout Perfumeland for her love of numbers. Her statistics posts are legendary. But despite her clear-thinking, no-nonsense persona, she also touches us with her personal perfume stories that show a sensitive and caring woman underneath the … Continue reading

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In Search Of Hidden Beauty – The Secret Garden Next Door

Only a block from our house is the University of Astronomy and it’s old observatory. The surrounding park has been closed to the public until recently. Today we went exploring and found an incredibly beautiful secret garden, wild and untamed … Continue reading

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Perfume And Fashion – My Daily Uniform

Thomas, the Candy Perfume Boy suggested the theme for this blogging project: Fashion and Perfume. What an interesting theme, I thought then, but soon realized that I knew way too little about fashion to attempt matching a particular style to a … Continue reading

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In Search Of Hidden Beauty – A Short Update

It was a busy week, but a good one. Today I just wanted to share three snapshots. I love the first because the grainy black and white looks like it is from the 1950s. The second one because I’m blessed … Continue reading

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