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A Willing Player – Review: By Kilian Playing With The Devil

When my friend Sandra asked me the other day whether I was excited about the new Kilian, I answered something to the effect of: No, definitely not. (I think my exact words were: It should be perfectly bad.) While I … Continue reading

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An Evening With Kilian Hennessy At Les Senteurs, London, 17th June 2013

By Tara I was embarrassingly excited to attend an event with Kilian Hennessy to celebrate his brand By Kilian coming to my favourite perfume boutique, Les Senteurs on 2 Seymour Place in London. The event was held downstairs in the … Continue reading

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Perfume News – By Kilian Asian Tales Flower Of Immortality

Luxury “niche” house By Kilian is releasing a third perfume in the Asian Tales line (there are also the L’Oeuvre Noire, Arabian Nights and In The Garden Of Good And Evil collections). The first two releases have been the greatest … Continue reading

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Reclusive Beauty – Review: Lancôme, Cuir de Lancôme

By Tara How often can you get luxury for a bargain basement price? Not often, but with Cuir de Lancôme you can smell like a million dollars by spending relatively few. Released in 2007 as part of Lancôme‘s “La Collection” … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop! – Review: By Kilian Amber Oud

That I had to try Amber Oud the second I could, was a no-brainer. I have a reputation* to live up to after all. 😉 I have a list for this year’s perfume purchases, there are twelve items on it, … Continue reading

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The Hills Are Alive… – Review: By Kilian A Taste Of Heaven, Absinthe Verte

I was a slow starter with the Kilian line. For a long time I did not get it. But when I finally did, a whirlwind love affair started and many of the ten perfumes that make up the L’Oeuvre Noir … Continue reading

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Danger In The Air – Review: By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses, Typical Me

This is the last of the By Kilian line I plan on reviewing. The one missing from the ten perfume collection L’Oeuvre Noire, that bears the quite a bit less modest title Black Masterpiece in English,  Straight To Heaven, the … Continue reading

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Beauty Lies In Simple Things – Review: By Kilian Rose Oud

As you can imagine, three fragrances with oud in their name have not been very high on my to try list, but since I have dived head-first into Kilian Hennessy’s opus and liked, no, loved what I found there and … Continue reading

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Learning To Love – Review: By Kilian Beyond Love, Prohibited

From the outset Beyond Love looked like a challenge to me. Tuberose – well, the most I could say about that note until recently is, I am glad when it doesn’t bother me, I am glad when I don’t smell … Continue reading

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My Halo – Review: By Kilian Love And Tears, Surrender

Okay, let’s see what we have here – a jasmine soliflore. That is usually grounds for dismissal. Jasmine is loud and often indolic, and even if it is clean and whitest white, it is overbearing and acts like a diva. … Continue reading

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