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Monday Question – Who Should Make A Perfume?

Everybody and his mother is making a perfume these days, so there is not really a lack of new fragrances or too little launches. But still, who should bring out a perfume? What brand, label, person or organization should make … Continue reading

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That Smile – Review: Hiram Green Moon Bloom

Hiram Green’s first creation for his own brand is called so very beautifully: Moon Bloom. This evocative name and the gorgeous bottle are plenty of incentive for me to want to smell what is behind the enticing outer trappings of … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Hiram Green of Hiram Green Perfumes

In this week’s edition of People in Perfumeland I am happy to welcome Hiram Green. Hiram is a perfumer currently living and working in Holland. He founded Scent Systems, a perfumery in London. What he missed in the perfume market … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Are Your Favourite Tea and Coffee Perfumes?

By Tara Do you like fragrances with tea and coffee notes? How do you prefer your tea perfumes; green, black, jasmine, with milk or iced with lemon? What are your best loved tea scents? Have you found your perfect coffee … Continue reading

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Perfume And Fashion – My Daily Uniform

Thomas, the Candy Perfume Boy suggested the theme for this blogging project: Fashion and Perfume. What an interesting theme, I thought then, but soon realized that I knew way too little about fashion to attempt matching a particular style to a … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Neil Chapman of The Black Narcissus

Today we hear more about Neil Chapman, an Englishman living in Tokyo, Japan. Neil is the writer behind The Black Narcissus, a wonderful blog that not only showcases Neil’s encyclopedic knowlege of perfume, but also his unique and quirky perspective … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Do You Wear Perfume When You Work Out?

Do you wear perfume in the gym? Are you combining sports and scent? Is your work out routine perfume-free or are you never without a good fragrance? What is you favorite work-out scent? My Answer: The real problem is: I … Continue reading

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In Search Of Hidden Beauty – A Short Update

It was a busy week, but a good one. Today I just wanted to share three snapshots. I love the first because the grainy black and white looks like it is from the 1950s. The second one because I’m blessed … Continue reading

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Book Giveaway – Win One Of Three Kindle Copies of John Oehler’s Papyrus

Courtesy of the author John Oehler we have 3 copies of the Kindle edition of Payrus to give away. To be in the draw to receive a complimentary Kindle copy of Papyrus you can: Like the Papyrus page on Facebook AND leave … Continue reading

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All The Sweet Things – Profumum Roma Mini-Reviews

I always ignored Profumum Roma when in a perfume store for the simple reason that there were just too many bottles. Thirty identical flacons in a row – too intimidating, too much effort needed, too easy to pass up in … Continue reading

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