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Mood-Enhancing Perfumes – A Best Of-List

I believe in the power of perfume to influence me and my mood. Mood is the resource I use to determine what perfume to wear, if I let my subconscious decide and grab what it compels me to grab, I … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Is Your Fragrant Birthday Wish?

Your birthday is coming up and you can wish for one bottle of perfume, no matter the cost, which one will it be? Who should give it to you? Is there a chance you will get it? My Answer: No … Continue reading

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Fresh Baked Biker – Review: Armani Privé Cuir Noir

The Armani Privé line is very tempting. I love the look and the heft of the bottles, I love Ambre Orient and Bois d’Encens and I won’t even start with La Femme Bleue, before I get accused again of working it … Continue reading

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Perfumes And Movies – A Blogging Project

When I was asked to participate in this blogging project with Eyeliner on a Cat, Persolaise and Fragrant Moments, I thought that it would be easy to match perfumes to actresses. Boy, was I wrong! I had a very hard … Continue reading

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Giveaway Winner Announced

Thank you all for participating in the recent giveaway. I assigned a number to each of your comments and let do the work. A 1ml sample of La Femme Bleue and a 5ml sample of Hermes Santal Massoia go … Continue reading

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Bottle Of The Month – January And February And A Giveaway

My resolution for the coming year in fragrance is that I am allowed to purchase one bottle a month, and only one I had a crush on for more than a month. In this series of monthly posts, I will … Continue reading

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La Femme Idèale Or How Blue Grace Entered My Life – Review: Armani Privé La Femme Bleue

There is a new bottle in my closet. Not just any old bottle, no, one of only a thousand made and sold at exclusive retailers worldwide. My bottle bears the number 489 and hails from London. Sorry, it sounds like … Continue reading

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A Little Something For The Eye – A Sneak Peek Into My Perfume Closet Part IV

Here we go again, Part IV of my collection posts is here. (Parts I-III are here.) This time, let us see why some call me the Queen of Amber, there is a good reason for that, I believe… All my … Continue reading

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A Fragrant Vacation – Mini Reviews

We are staying in the cottage for the week. A vacation from daily drudgery and routines. No work, no Kindergarten, no important stuff. No perfume? Ha, inconceivable. No, don’t worry, where I go, there will always be perfume. I assembled … Continue reading

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Oh Tannenbaum! – A Blogging Event

Tara and I have been invited to take part in this year’s Holiday Blogging Project called Oh Tannenbaum! The idea is to investigate perfumes inspired by trees and wood. This is a genre I like a lot, but it has … Continue reading

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