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Hot Town, Summer in the City – The Candy Perfume Boy Summer Special at Perfume Lovers London

By Tara One of the very brightest and best new perfume blogs to pop-up in Perfumeland over the last year is The Candy Perfume Boy. With a mix of razor-sharp wit and insightful reviews, the posts are as entertaining as … Continue reading

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Bipolar Bear – Review: Annick Goutal Songes

The following review is from the OT archives, first published on November 2010. I’m happy to report that my relationship with Songes has drastically improved since then. The moral of the story? Revisiting your old fragrant failures, is definitely worth … Continue reading

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A Little Something For The Eye – A Sneak Peek Into My Perfume Closet Part IV

Here we go again, Part IV of my collection posts is here. (Parts I-III are here.) This time, let us see why some call me the Queen of Amber, there is a good reason for that, I believe… All my … Continue reading

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Perfume As Medicine – Sleepless Nights, Aches And Pains And More

We all know perfume is powerful and that is why we love it. Perfume is able to conjure memories, to evoke feelings, to influence moods. Perfume is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing works better at making us happy, … Continue reading

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Getting Fat – Gourmand Mini-Reviews

My sample box was raided with a purpose this time – find all the gourmands lingering in there. I once won a seven sample set of super-gourmands on First in Fragrance, that have been ignored so far. But there is … Continue reading

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Never Say Never – Review: Annick Goutal Ambre Fétiche

For the longest time I hated Ambre Fétiche with a passion, it was my nemesis, the most unwearable amber I knew. The strong feelings stemmed from the fact that for one everybody seemed to love it and perceive it entirely … Continue reading

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Je Ne Sais Quois – Review: Annick Goutal Un Matin d’Orage

I promised to review this a long time ago, but somehow this little gem was overtaken left and right by flashier contenders, so it always got the “I´ll do that next week!” treatment. No more. It is high time to … Continue reading

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Green Enough? – Review: Annick Goutal Duel

Not really green, but green tea, drunk from a leather cup. That is Annick Goutal´s Duel in short. Green enough for Green Week. I received a generous (and adorably cute) 15ml mini with a purchase sometime last year. I was happy to … Continue reading

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Now It’s Here, Now It’s Gone – Review: Annick Goutal Musc Nomade

Musc Nomade is a great scent. I love it and I love to wear it – when I can smell it. This perfume has the curious distiction, that it revealed me to be what I can only describe as a … Continue reading

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When Doubts Turn Into Love – Annick Goutal Vanille Exquise Revisited

Remember this post? I was on the fence whether I liked this perfume or not. Times change, so it is time to re-evaluate my earlier opinion (which primarily consisted of not quite having one ;)) and now, what can I say? … Continue reading

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