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Iris In Disguise – Review: Hermès Paprika Brasil

Editor’s Note: I want to welcome Michael today. He is an Australian, living in Sydney and I met him in person last January when he and the inimitable Portia of Australian PerfumeJunkies visited Vienna. Michael has a great nose and an … Continue reading

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No Pirates – Review: Hermès Epice Marine

By Sandra Hermès is a house that I admire with my deepest soul. Everything about Hermès demands my attention – through its luxurious scarves and ties to its impeccably polished leather goods down to its elegant perfume collection. I have … Continue reading

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Lavender Licorice Lament – Review: Hermès Hermessence Brin de Réglisse

UPDATE Nov 2014: I have to eat my words here, the Lavender Licorice Lament has turned into a Lovesong in the meantime. A new (rave) review is very much in order. Until then, please know that I know now that … Continue reading

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Forest In The Mist – Review: Hermes Hermessence Santal Massoia

I have a soft spot for Jean-Claude Ellena and his creations. They were among my first loves and I wore and loved his minimalistic pieces of art long before I evolved towards a broader appreciation of perfume and learned to … Continue reading

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What’s New…

I didn’t manage to get a normal Weekend Link Love post together this week, circumstances conspired against me. I’m sorry. Instead I just want to recount my week a little bit, since it was a very good week perfume-wise, since … Continue reading

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Highly Efficient – Review: Hermès Hermessence Vétiver Tonka

I have stated before that Vetiver is not necessarily my favorite note, at best I don’t mind it, but I am far from seeking it out. I like it here for example and in Vétiver Tonka I found another scent … Continue reading

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Flowers In Space – Review: Hermessence Vanille Galante

Vanille Galante has a misleading name. It is many things, but a vanilla fragrance it is not. Which, frankly, put me off it for a long time. I may be too literal a person, but my expectations and the perfume … Continue reading

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Spice Up Your Life! – Review: Hermessence Poivre Samarcande

Poivre Samarcande, one of the four originally released Hermessences, is consistently described as masculine, which is why a sample has been languishing in my sample box for the longest time, unsniffed and ignored. I am so glad I finally got around to trying it. … Continue reading

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Tea Ceremony – Review: Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan

Osmanthe Yunnan is part of the nine perfumes that make up the boutique-exclusive Hermessence line by Hermès, created by in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. I have a soft spot for Ellena and his every creation gets special treatment, meaning I am … Continue reading

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Water Music – Review: Hermessence Iris Ukiyoé

Do you know Georg Friedrich Händel’s (1685–1759) suite Water Music? I know that I am prone to synesthetic impressions when smelling a fragrance, mostly I see colors associated with the smell. Jean-Claude Ellena’s ninth Hermessence made music in my head. Clear trumpets, … Continue reading

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