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Windswept – Review: Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli

By Tara  Like many people, I associate patchouli with cool – particularly autumnal – weather. It has a warm, earthy, sometimes dirty aroma which goes well with bonfires and falling leaves. It can have hippy connotations but it can also be refined as exemplified by Chanel’s Coromandel. These days it’s usually cleaned up and paired with sweet fruit in the ubiquitous, youth -friendly “fruitcholi”. … Continue reading

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A Good Friend – Review: Dior La Collection Privée Patchouli Impérial

My third Dior La Collection Privée bottle that I unexpectedly encountered at London Heathrow airport and that I gave myself for my birthday, has the pride of the place right now. Flanked by its sisters Mitzah and New Look 1947, … Continue reading

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Day And Night – Review: Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli and Vert Pivoine

The two perfumes I will review today, Vert Pivoine and Noir Patchouli couldn’t be farther from one another in theme and feel. Like day and night would be a good comparison. Nonetheless I wanted to put them together. It started … Continue reading

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The Star-Trek Amber – Review: Amouage Opus VI

I have withstood the siren song of Amouage’s Opus line fairly well until now. Although I like especially Opus I and Opus III just fine, I have not yet been tempted to acquire a full 100ml bottle so far. Now there … Continue reading

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Darkness – Review: Histoires de Parfums 1740 Marquis de Sade

Everybody who reads this blog now and then probably knows by now that I am a bit (okay, a lot) infatuated with Frapin 1697. This perfume features davana, a herb that is not often used in perfumes, but when I find it, … Continue reading

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My Marlboro Man – Review: Juliette Has A Gun Calamity J

Okay, so Juliet shoots sharp these days, apparently. What is she going to do with that gun? Who is on her list? And what the heck has perfume got to do with that? It were thoughts like these that had … Continue reading

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Work Horse – Review: Frapin Caravelle Epicée

My infatuation with Frapin 1697 led me to explore the rest of the line, Caravelle Epicée was the only Frapin I had heard of before. And there are mostly good things to be heard. Caravelle Epicée is easy to love. … Continue reading

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Polished Patchouli – Review: Chanel Coromandel

Because I have more time now to look into my box of samples, I made another stunning discovery: Les Exclusifs de Chanel offers one perfume that is impressive in both sillage and longevity. Unlike the others, of which I like … Continue reading

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Super-Special Patchouli And Yesteryear’s Rose – Review: Guerlain Idylle Duet

I was awaiting Idylle Duet rather impatiently for a mainstream flanker launch. Probably because I had already heard many good things about it and because I rather like Idylle, which is a nice fragrance if you don’t expect it to … Continue reading

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Soapy Iris – Review: Le Labo Iris 39

Le Labo, until recently, was a brand I didn’t have much of an opinion about. I knew of it, I was rather indifferent about the branding and positioning of the line and most importantly I hadn’t smelled any of their … Continue reading

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