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A Perfume Apart – Review: Amouage Memoir Man

By Michael I’m not really sure how I ended up purchasing Memoir Man. I’d never tried it and I’m not a big fan of either green notes, lavender or fougères. Yet there I found myself late one night adding it … Continue reading

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Knight In Shining Armor – Review: Amouage Interlude Man

I’m a girly girl. I don’t particularly like that statement, but in the end, it is true. I like the colour pink, I wear make up, I can’t for the life of me play ball games, I have long hair, … Continue reading

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The Dark Tower – Review: Amouage Interlude Woman

When I was in London in May, I had not only the good fortune to meet with Christopher Chong, the amazing creative director of Amouage, but I also got the chance to smell Interlude Woman and Man as the first … Continue reading

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Dearly Beloved – Review: Amouage Beloved Woman

Beloved couldn’t have come to my mailbox courtesy of the wonderful Christopher Chong, at a more opportune moment. I was deeply in love with another perfume at the time, I had been wearing it non-stop for four unprecedented days in … Continue reading

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The Star-Trek Amber – Review: Amouage Opus VI

I have withstood the siren song of Amouage’s Opus line fairly well until now. Although I like especially Opus I and Opus III just fine, I have not yet been tempted to acquire a full 100ml bottle so far. Now there … Continue reading

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Defying Chong – Review: Amouage Library Collection Opus III

I was reluctant to approach the Library collection for several reasons. First and foremost my love for Epic, Lyric and Memoir and now the major love affair with Honour are expensive enough. Secondly, the Library collection goes down a different … Continue reading

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That Place Within – Review: Amouage Honour Woman

Amouage releases a new perfume duo – Honour Woman and Man. I had the good fortune of receiving samples from the company early. As usual, I got it all wrong beforehand. From reading the notes and this review on Ca Fleure Bon, … Continue reading

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Running For Vice President? – Review: Amouage Memoir Woman

My perfume preferences come and go in certain phases. Generally I oscillate between two major leanings, that come and go like the tides. Maybe the moon has something to do with it, I don’t know. This peculiarity enables me to wear many, … Continue reading

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Uncontested Beauty – Review: Amouage Lyric Woman

As I explained in my first review of an Amouage perfume – Epic Woman – I tried to stay away from the line, as to not fall down an uncontrollable rabbit hole. Well, I did try other Amouage’s and I … Continue reading

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Three Reasons – Review: Amouage Reflection Woman

I have already mentioned once or twice (or fifty-five times) that my husband is not very easy to please when it comes to perfume. He doesn’t like many of the fragrances I wear and actively opposes more than a few, … Continue reading

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