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Cashmere And Silk – Review: Xerjoff Join The Club Fatal Charme

By Sandra Late last year Xerjoff released a new line of perfumes called Join the Club. There are ten different perfumes in the line and all represent a certain club or area of interest. The bottles are exquisite – I … Continue reading

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A Bit Of Glamour – Review: Xerjoff Casamorati Dama Bianca

Dama Bianca is a classic case of: attractive bottle drawing in shallow perfume blogger. Aside from the eye-stabbingly dangerous looking top, this bottle and even more so the packaging are gorgeous! Or are they? The strange thing is, one moment I’m bewitched, … Continue reading

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In The Lap Of Luxury – Review: Xerjoff XJ17/17 Irisss, Elle, Homme and XXY

The most expensive sub-category in the never-cheap Xerjoff Kingdom is the catchingly named XJ17/17 line. (The name refers to a filing shelf, apparently.) 100ml EdP in the stone label bottle (see below) starts at 500€ depending on the perfume, but … Continue reading

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Two In One – Review: Xerjoff Shooting Stars Esquel

Esquel is a town in Patagonia, Argentinia, in 1951 a meteorite was discovered there, which brings Esquel into the fold of the Shooting Stars Collection, by our favorite bottle beauty contest losers, Xerjoff. Esquel includes notes of Lavender, bergamot, iris, … Continue reading

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Rich – Review: Xerjoff Shooting Stars Ibitira

Ibitira is a town in Brazil where a meteorite crashed in 1947. Part of the Shooting Stars collection Ibitira, the perfume, is a classic floral composition that is described as romantic. Ibitira was created by Jacques Flori and includes notes of … Continue reading

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“I have nothing to say and I’m saying it!” – Mini-Reviews

I usually review mostly perfumes I like, that move me somehow, or that compell me to try them again and again, even if I don’t love them. Then there are also reviews now and then about perfumes I hate, most … Continue reading

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Winner of the Coveted Xerjoff Shingl! :)

Thank you all for participating in the draw. Although more of you rather passed, from he brave ones willing to try Shingl, only one can be the winner. Random.org has spoken! The winner of the sample of Xerjoff Shingl is … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton And A Strawberry – Review And Giveaway: Xerjoff Shooting Stars Shingl

I don’t know why, but in the last months I have the feeling I am talking about perfume names all the time. That should not be as important a subject, but you cannot possibly review a scent called Shingl and … Continue reading

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How To Shine – Review: Xerjoff Casamorati 1888 Bouquet Idèale

What sets Bouquet Idèale apart from the rest of the Xerjoffs, is not only its name, that for once is closer to what perfumes are normally named, but the fact that this seemingly so unimaginative name, is a joke. There … Continue reading

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Hattrick – Review: Xerjoff Shooting Stars Dhajala

I plowed on through the Xerjoffs with the idea still placed firmly in my mind that one (Oesel) or two (Lua) swallows do not make a summer, meaning it would be unnecessary and money down the drain to purchase the Shooting … Continue reading

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