Hattrick – Review: Xerjoff Shooting Stars Dhajala

I plowed on through the Xerjoffs with the idea still placed firmly in my mind that one (Oesel) or two (Lua) swallows do not make a summer, meaning it would be unnecessary and money down the drain to purchase the Shooting Stars discovery set that is still very much on my mind. I made the deal with myself that if I seriously liked three of the six in the set (of the others I have no samples) I would be allowed to buy it by the end of July.

So number three is Dhajala. And I’ll say it upfront: I did not think I would, but I am very impressed with and I enjoy wearing it immensely. All that is sounding quite understated, but it is just for the benefit of sounding rational and serious that I am trying to be restrained, the truth is – I love it. So there. I quite unnecessarily feel I have to defend myself for loving something so controversial, but that’s how it is.

Dhajala includes notes of bergamot, orange flower, galbanum, rose, jasmine, pink pepper, Tonkiphora balsam, Myroswelia balsam and amber.

The first hour of Dhajala is truly great. The blend of galbanum and citrus is masterful and lends the perfume an elegant freshness that is reminiscent of Chanel N°19. Later, it is no less great then, just taking a different direction, the perfume gets warmer, more floral and a little spicy, and the resins begin to assert themselves. I have never smelled either Tonkiphora balsam or Myoswelia balsam on its own, but what I can smell here is a resinous, pine-y at times and ambery accord that is deep, complex and very unique.

I have nothing like Dhajala in my collection, which is saying something. There are many Lua-smell-alikes out there, no doubt, there is the ongoing discussion on fragrance boards that Oesel is so very similar to Fleur du Male (which it is, FdM is just not that rich and round and full, it smells synthetic in comparison, but on its own it is a beautiful scent). But I can’t think of a similar perfume to Dhajala, but that may just be my ignorance. So please tell me, if you know more on the issue.

I find Dhajala to be enormously seductive and memorable. It is one of those perfumes that get you noticed, but not in a 80ies shoulder-pads, “Here I come!”- fashion of death by sillage, but with a subtle come-hither vibe that is extremely effective. This perfume is intelligent and sexy.

There is no way to keep my discovery set and me apart for much longer.

Image source: fragrantica.com, vintageadbrowser.com

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30 Responses to Hattrick – Review: Xerjoff Shooting Stars Dhajala

  1. Ines says:

    You know, you really shouldn’t tempt people anymore with your Xerjoff discoveries.
    That’s just plain not fair. 😉
    I was doing just fine not feeling a need to try them…

    • Olfactoria says:

      *hangs head in shame* I should never have started to smell any of them…
      But on the bright side, there are a few I really don’t like at all, and for purposes of balance I am certainly going to review those as well. 🙂

  2. lady jane grey says:

    What a coinsidence : I wear Dhajala today.
    It is in its deeply resinous development phase right now and I generally like “resinous” scents. And while Dhajala is nice and elegant, I’ll stay with my beloved Tolu, if I want to wear something resinous.

    • Olfactoria says:

      The drydown of Dhajala is very beautiful.

    • Vanessa says:

      Well, that is funny, because based on Olfactoria’s description I was just thinking of Tolu and how as a rule I don’t really go in for “a resinous, pine-y at times and ambery accord”. So whilst I like Lua and love the sound of Oesel, I may be safe from a purchase of this Discoery Set for the moment. Not so B, by the sound of things…but if it is meant to be, it is meant to be… just in time for the holidays!

      • Olfactoria says:

        I need to try Dhajala and Tolu side by side, since I don’t really connect them in my mind, for me Tolu is much more of an oriental, while Dhajala has this green vibe.
        But as I said in my response to Tara, no set for me either, I finally found some Xerjoffs to dislike. 😉

        • lady jane grey says:

          I like Vanessa’s “if it meant to be…” 🙂
          I probably connected it with Tolu, because I entirely miss the green in the resinous phase of Dh., I only have it in the beginning – then it’s loads of resins with some serious florals and then it gets deep resins – deep and wonderful as Sarrastro’s aria in the “Zauberflöte”.
          BUT my heart belongs to Tolu…

        • bloody frida says:

          Looking forward to seeing what you have to say once you try D and T side-by-side!

  3. Tara says:

    Love that ad, sounds like perfume PR copy, “liquid chiffon” lol!

    Nothing like what you already have in your collection is praise indeed. Sensibly you did set criteria for that discovery set and you’ve met them, so go for it! I on the other hand will be keeping far, far away… 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Fate was good to me and I received (again unexpectedly) samples of the other three in that set, I don’t like them nearly well enough to warrant the whole set. It is for the better…
      I found a glorious orange blossom to almost replace Oesel, and Lua is certainly replicable, as for Dhajala, if I love it still at Christmas time, it is mine. 😉

      • Tara says:

        OK so what’s the glorious orange blossom??? Don’t leave us hanging! Is the L’Artisan?

        I am wearing Vitriol d’œillet today and have to say I am rather disappointed. Very soft, peppery, dusty carnations. Not the spicy floral you get from the essential oil, that I hoped to find. Oh well. I recently fell for Santal Blanc (thanks to Ines) so that makes up for it somewhat.

        • Olfactoria says:

          Lol, yes, it is the L’Artisan. No golden Oesel, but it is surely beautiful! 🙂

          I didn’t get my sample yet, but I am very unexited over this launch and it seems my lack of enthusiasm won’t change much when I smell it, from what I hear. We’ll see, maybe a tame Serge is just unexpected for everyone…

          • Tara says:

            Glad you love the L’Artisan too, even if it’s not golden 🙂 Hope they add it to the permanent line. I hate stressing over whether to buy a back-up bottle of these pesky LEs.

          • Olfactoria says:

            There is no earthly chance I am ever going to use up a bottle, so in theory a LE should not bother me, but I know that feeling anyway. But maybe they make it permanent, it is really lovely!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Holy cow! I finally went to their website, via your link, to look at their discovery sets and I can’t believe how generous the bottles are. Even so, I won’t be “discovering” these for a long while: between your’s, Carrie’s and Tarleisio’s recent reviews of Mandy Aftel scents, I’m determined that my next samples purchase will be from her line.

    But goodness, Birgit, you make these sound good, and thanks for that link.

    • Olfactoria says:

      The discovery set it a good deal and for a perfumista its is fine to have only 15ml of everything, that is what we all want all the time, isn’t it? I’d go for Aftelier first too, which is just as expensive if not more so btw. 🙂

  5. anotherperfumeblog says:

    I am like a kid at a scary movie with these reviews – covering my eyes with my hands, but peaking around the side to see what I am missing!

  6. deeHowe says:

    I had a run in with Dhajala… and I think I sent it on to Marie (hopefully she’ll pipe up and either confirm or deny 😉 ), it reminded me, if I’m thinking of the correct fragrance, of Prada Amber (the original one!). Which is to say, I liked it, but feel quite content with my ample supply of the Prada, and felt no temptation to acquire the Xerjoff. I suspect that there is a Xerjoff that I would love, but really, now that I have my sights on another Amouage, I don’t want to find out!!! 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Prada, hmmm, I haven’t smelled that in a while. I think the Xerjoff range has great perfumes, but if you have as many options and no wish to stop exploring as we do, it is just not feasible to buy them, unless you are a millionaire. As soon as my lotto win materializes, I’m off to their website. 😉

  7. Undina says:

    I think that Xerjoff’s discovery sets are truly great. There is just one problem: buying any of them completely unsniffed is … well, not the most sensible idea. And if to add to the set’s price the price of samples ($60 at luckyscent + S&H) it becomes less attractive. But if I ever get to sniff those for free and like at least three of them I will buy the set.
    Birgit, can’t wait to hear how you like those three for which you do not have samples 😉

    • Olfactoria says:

      I do have samples now of the others, got them by coincidence, and I not very impressed, one I actually find horrible, the other two not terribly impressive. I’ll be reviewing those too after proper testing, to keep the balance. 😉 That was it for me buying the discovery set though.

  8. angie Cox says:

    Go for it girl , you won’t regret it !! I love the review and the fragrance.

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  10. Nicole says:

    I love the Xerjoff and almost everything they do, but always go through the same hesitation when buying a new fragrance. After reading your review I bought a sample ( nicheperfumesamples.com if your curious ) and absolutely fell in love.

  11. Shawn B says:

    You are truly missed.

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