People In Perfumeland Interviews

Here is a place with all the links of the People in Pefumeland interview series.

Roja Dove Part I, Part II

Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes

Viktoria Minya of Viktoria Minya Parfums Paris

Vero Kern of Vero.Profumo

Laurie Erickson of Sonoma Scent Studio

Julien Blanchard and Madeline Stoica of Jul et Mad

Neela Vermeire of Neela Vermeire Creations

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz OF DSH Perfumes

Victoria Frolova of Bois de Jasmin

Georg Wuchsa of Aus Liebe zum Duft (online niche perfume store)

Gaia Fishler of The Non-Blonde

Persolaise of Persolaise Perfume Blog

Ines Stefanovic of All I Am – A Redhead

Sandra Glittenberg of Olfactoria’s Travels

Suzanne Keller of Suzanne’s Perfume Journal

Lila Das Gupta of Perfume Lovers London

Shelley Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes

Vanessa Musson of Bonkers About Perfume

Hiram Green of Hiram Green Perfumes

Neil Chapman of The Black Narcissus

Celine Verleure of Olfactive Studio

Caro Fernandez of Té de Violetas

Maria McElroy of Aroma M

Lianne Tio of Lianne Tio Parfums (niche perfumery store)

Kitty Shpirer of Bissoumine Parfums

Undina of Undina’s Looking Glass

Thomas Dunckley of The Candy Perfume Boy (

Jordan River of The Fragrant Man

Tara Smith of Olfactoria’s Travels

Nathalie Fedorova of Beautycalypse

Elena Vosnaki of Perfume Shrine

Christos of Memory of Scent

Carlos Huber Of Arquiste

Valerie Sperrer of Australian Perfume Junkies

Ramon Monegal of Ramon Monegal Perfumes

Steven Lindquist of The Scented Hound

Florian Pedemanaud, Fragrance Training Manager

Alyssa Harad, Author

Marla Robb, Artist

Geza Schön, Perfumer

Steven Verstraete of Place Vendome Haute Parfumerie

Lucas Szczesniak of Chemist in the Bottle

Natalie of Another Perfume Blog

Carrie Meredith of Eyeliner on a Cat

Victoria Jent of EAUMG

Lisa Bonfatti of Campomarzio70

Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays

Lady Jane Grey, Style Icon and Perfumista

Asali of The Sound of Scent

Arielle Weinberg of Scents of Self

The Husband, Fumie by association


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