People In Perfumeland – Gaia Fishler Of The Non-Blonde

Today we welcome the woman who got me hooked on perfume reviews and was the one who drew me into Perfumeland. Through reading her blog, The Non-Blonde, I discovered the world of niche although I was only looking for beauty advice. Gaia covers both beauty, and perfume reviews, the occasional fashion event and now and again she can’t hide her love for royalty (no need to either, I love to read about them too!). She is an incredibly prolific and disciplined blogger, definitely one of my role models.

Thank you for letting us a take a closer look at the person behing the blogger today!

Gaia in Paris

Gaia in Paris

A good day starts with… no hairballs on the floor.

I’d never leave the house without… my phone. The Kindle app has saved my sanity on several occasions.

I always feel good when… readers tell me I helped them discover something fabulous.

My favorite thing in the world is… kittens.

The next thing I want to buy is… a new laptop. My current one is about to self-destruct.

The place I always come back to is… Bergdorf Goodman. It’s the mother ship.

My personal style is… very feminine. You’ll always see me in a dress and usually some vintage jewelry or scarves.

My favorite perfume… is not for the faint of heart (or nose).

When I travel, I… want to be comfortable, which causes adventures in extreme packing.

To relax I need… an empty to-do list.

I like to gift people with… pretty things and little luxuries. Stuff I know they want but won’t buy for themselves.

When I have a bad day, I… usually get a headache.

I find my inspiration… everywhere. Walking in the city, reading, browsing old and new fashion photos and books.

Something I would never want to miss… witnessing the first woman elected to the White House.

My last mistake was… testing a face mask I already suspected was up to no good.

In my fridge there is always… cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

On my nightstand I keep… a notebook, nail polish and a variety of perfume samples.

The perfect weekend starts with… the perfect cup of tea. Everything should start with good tea.

My role model is… Tim Gunn

Something I always want to be asked in questionnaires like this is… either about my scars (I have one from disassembling an Uzi) or to give a fun link so I can share a recipe I just came across.


I love Gaias answers and I love her, but I truly envy her for one simple reason – the cats. I would love to be surrounded by cats all day.

Tim Gunn and a cup of tea, Bergdorf Goodman and a good book, Gaia and I would have a blast, should we meet one day.

Are you a Non-Blonde fan too?


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49 Responses to People In Perfumeland – Gaia Fishler Of The Non-Blonde

  1. judith dm says:

    I am a huge Non Blonde fan! The first blogger I read about makeup and perfume and plan to continue for a very long time! I have the longest list of desires because of Gaia! She looks absolutely wonderful in this photograph!

  2. Tatiana says:

    Another Non Blonde fan here. I love her matter of fact, no-nonsense opinions. She was one of the first makeup and perfume blogs I started to read. Love her latest photos of those adorable kittens. Now I’m curious and I really, really, really, really want to hear the Uzi story.

  3. Lavanya says:

    ooh that nutella chocolate chip cookie is to die for!!! Thanks for the link Gaia..:)

  4. Ines says:

    Of course I am! (a Non-Blonde fan I mean)
    I think Gaia is responsible for many of us becoming hooked to the world of perfume (and buying some bottles too). 😉

  5. Jordan River says:

    Absolutely a fan, love the name and love my Kindle app too. The Non-Blonde is a knowledge bank I oft refer to.

  6. poodle says:

    I love her blog too. I also have a fridge full of cheese and love tea as well.
    I love these posts where we get to know people a bit better.

  7. behemot says:

    I am a blonde fan of Gaia, the Non Bonde. I also love cats and kittens.

  8. haefennasiel says:

    Another proud Non-Blonde fan here! Aside from her wonderfully written perfume and makeup reviews, I especially love it when she gets snarky and calls out certain celebrities on their hideous wardrobe and makeup choices, hehehehe …

  9. Vanessa says:

    Another fan of cheese, cats, tea and Gaia’s blog! I adore the photos of her cats, especially when they are interacting with make up items or just lounging on shelves round her home (okay, that is more based on pics from FB). I must say that she is an exceptional photographer as well as a disciplined blogger as you say, with a great nose. I recall her saying somewhere that blogging is not for the faint-hearted, and that is so true. The Non-Blonde was one of my early discoveries in 2008 when I first got into perfume and one of the first bloggers to add me to her blog roll, which inspired me to stick at it. Hmm, just thought – lots of cheese and headaches. I get headaches on bad days too – might the cheese consumption be a compounding factor? 😉 Now I must go and google Uzi…oh my!

  10. Tara says:

    I’m so glad you included Gaia in this series, B. Who deosn’t love The Non-Blonde? Fabulous answers as you’d expect and a great photo.

    I can definitely imagine you meeting her for tea and a good gossip at Bergdorf Goodman one day.

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  12. a huge fan, from the get go. She’s an inspiration. A beautiful person, life, heart, writer, you name it.

  13. Suzanne says:

    Yes, I’m an avid reader of the Non-Blonde – and in addition to her reviews and her amazingly consistent output, I love the images that Gaia chooses for her blog posts. She has the knack of finding the most perfect photo or artwork to express what she then fully fleshes out in terms of words.

    I love her answer to your first question! LOL! And that’s a charming picture of her – love her smile and her tangerine scarf!

  14. Excellent as always and I too often refer to The Non-Blonde for frag knowledge etc. This is a totally fun way to get to know everyone Birgit.
    Portia xx

  15. ringthing says:

    Again, I love this series! I’m also a fan of The Non Blonde, esp.the cats and Gaia’s taste in perfume, which is similar to mine, and her gorgeous accessories – great photo!

  16. Ari says:

    The hardest-working perfume blogger there is. I can’t get over the uzi scar!!

  17. Amy Bella says:

    I visit The Non Blonde almost every day! I enjoy and rely on Gaia’s product reviews and I have a much greater appreciation for quality brushes thanks to her!

  18. Dionne says:

    The Non-Blonde wasn’t one of the first perfume blogs I stumbled upon (that would be NST and the Posse) but I credit her with the next stage of my “renaissance.” Perfume helped me start to pay more attention to my physical self, and Gaia’s blog prompted me to start thinking more about makeup. I still don’t wear a lot, but I enjoy my little routine at the beginning of the day, which includes – even after two years – having an internal chuckle that my blush is Nars Orgasm.

  19. minette says:

    yes! am a faithful reader. even though we don’t always see eye-to-eye, i like to see what she has to say, because she puts her heart and head into it, and is like a girlfriend you could hang out with. the fact that she is a cat (and tea) lover makes it even more perfect.


  20. Joe says:

    Another fan of her blog here because I find her perfume reviews absolutely spot on, which means if she really likes something I have to try and check it out.

  21. Lawrence in Ohio says:

    “My name is ‘Lawrence in Ohio,’ and I am a Non-Blonde aholic.” I adore Gaia’s blog, and the cats, and the photos, and I hold Ori in high regard, also. I have said this on The Non-Blonde, and would say it anywhere, to anyone: “The Non-Blonde is the ‘Consumer Reports’ of all things glam.” I not only love Gaia’s intelligence, wit, and charm, I absolutely trust her product reviews, even though my skin is oily, and hers tends toward dry. I have yet to meet Gaia and Ori in person, but in email and on the phone, they are wonderful people.

  22. Ramona says:

    The Non-Blonde is spot on! We seem to have very similar tastes in perfume and I TRUST her posts and opinions and especially appreciate the honesty in her blogging. One of my favorite perfumes was a blind buy based on one of her reviews, so THANK YOU GAIA for your industrious, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable blogging! And a special thanks for Kenzo Jungle l’Elephant- my life would be incomplete without this lovely fragrance! Slainte =)

  23. Undina says:

    And one more fan – both of The Non-Blonde blog and FB updates (love Gaia’s cats!).
    The most appealing things (besides the no hairball thingy) are cheese and tea.

  24. jilliecat says:

    Everybody has said everything that I would have wanted to! Really wonderful to read about Gaia, so thank you for this extra insight. And yes – cats, tea, cheese – all wonderful elements of life. Oh, and I nearly forgot …. perfume too!

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