People In Perfumeland – Ramon Monegal Of Ramon Monegal Perfumes

I am honored to present the Spanish perfumer Ramón Monegal in today’s People In Perfumeland interview.

Monegal has launched his eponymous line in 2012 to great acclaim. Take a look at my review of the entire line here. We know a lot about his perfumes, his background as a descendant of the famous Spanish perfume house Myrurgia, but today we will get to see a glimpse of the man behind the business.

Ramón (13)

A good day starts with… a good idea.

I’d never leave the house without… my eyeglasses.

I always feel good when… I can work freely without external constraints or imperatives.

My favorite thing in the world is… science fiction.

The next thing I want to buy is… something essential.

The place I always come back to… is Barcelona.

My personal style is... anarchic bohemian.

My favorite perfume is… a true leather.

When I travel I always… need to know where North is.

To relax I need… silence.

When I have a bad day… I try to move forward.

I like to gift people with… illusion.

I find my inspiration…. in nature’s language.

Something I would never want to miss… is my childish curiosity.

My last mistake was… a lack of self-confidence.

In my fridge there is always… Coca Cola Zero!

On my nightstand I keep… chocolate.

The perfect weekend starts with… a mountain bike ride.

My role model is… the chess game.

Something I always want to be asked in questionnaires like this... is: What is your mental age?

Collection rm

Hopefully no one ever asks me about my mental age. 😉

I enjoyed Mr Monegal’s answers very much and I’m happy to say that he said he also enjoyed answering this questionnaire, since it was so different to what he is usually asked.

Mr Monegal impresses me as a quiet man of few words, a deep thinker who manages express a lot with very little. Something I truly admire.

Are you familiar with the Monegal line? What are your favorites?


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34 Responses to People In Perfumeland – Ramon Monegal Of Ramon Monegal Perfumes

  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you to Mr Monegal for answering the questions! I really must get to Barcelona. Many of his perfumes are wonderful.

  2. Undina says:

    Thanks G-d, his perfumes are not as minimalistic as his answers! 😉

    I tried many of the perfumes from the line, liked some and loved Impossible Iris enough to add it to my collection.

    Thank you for the interview.

  3. Zazie says:

    Despite the brevity of his answers he comes across as a very likeable and surprising person – from the down to earth necessity of glasses to a penchant for science fiction!
    You said it so well – he manages to express a lot with very little…
    It’s a talent I never ever had – when I speak or write my sentences look like the london metro plans… I sometimes feel the urge to say so many things – I often feel ashamend about by inability to summarize!
    This interview reminds me to test out his line – must check if it’s distributed where I live!
    Thanks for these glimpses of the people in perfumeland!

  4. Ines says:

    No wonder Monegal perfumes contain some of the best leather perfumes I smelled when Mr. Monegal’s best perfume is true leather.
    And he loves science-fiction! 🙂
    I must say, I was a goner for the line as soon as I read that the bottles are made in the image of the inkwell. That speaks directly to my reading-loving heart. 🙂

  5. Sabine says:

    I have yet to try the Impossible Iris Undina mentionend, but whatever I have tried of the line impressed me. Haven’t been to Barcelona for a long time, as Birigt says, there are a lot of reasons for going there, always good to add another….

  6. Anka says:

    So, Mr. Monegal, how old are you mentally? I have a childish curiosity, too!
    Thanks Birgit for this interesting and inspiring interview.

  7. Great answers, I especially love his “what is my personal style” answer!

  8. Tara says:

    I thought the answers were great. “Anarchic bohemian” is a great personal style but there’s no way I could keep chocolate on my nightstand – far too tempting!

    Barcelona is also on my list of places I want to visit. I’d love to see all that Gaudi architecture. In the meantime I should find out where his perfumes are stocked in London.

  9. Sabine says:

    Let me know if you find them Tara.

  10. shellyw says:

    I notice his company website had a novel listed. Have you read it?

  11. So nice to read about Mr. Monegal, dear Birgit.
    He has always struck me as a very down to earth and sensitive gentleman.
    Among my favorites from his creations are Ambra di Luna, Impossible Iris and Cuirelle. I also adore the inkwell bottles.



  12. Carol says:

    Oooh, he likes Coke Zero and science fiction, too!
    His “Lovely Day” is one of the most lovely (dare I say?) and unique perfumes I have sampled in a long long time.

  13. Kandice says:

    I haven’t had a chance to try any of his perfumes, although I would like to very much. What a fascinating interview…it makes me want to try his perfumes even more. I wish he’d answered his last question, however. I’d love to know what he considers his mental age as well!

  14. lucasai says:

    I absolutely enjoy Ramon Monegal line, my faves are Ambra di Luna (which I own), Kiss my Name, Mon Cuir and Entre Naranjos.

    Enjoyed reading his answers to the questionnaire.

  15. Mon Cuir is one of my favorite leather perfumes!

  16. Vanessa says:

    Ambra di Luna still haunts me from a cursory sniff last year, and I must get hold of a sample of it. I loved Mr Monegal’s answers, especially the one about his childish curiosity and the chocolate on his nightstand – endearing traits both! I was in Barcelona not so long ago, but sadly before discovering his line. Had fun in Zara and a perfume bottle museum, though. 😉 If the Monegal range comes to Harrods, I will certainly be commissioning Tara to investigate!

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