People In Perfumeland – Madalina Stoica and Julien Blanchard Of Jul Et Mad

Today the couple behind the new niche brand Jul et Mad, Julien Blanchard and Madalina Stoica have graciously agreed to answer my questionnaire.

Julien and Madalina have met on the streets of Paris, fell in love and eventually decided to turn their love story into an olfactory one. They closely work with perfumers to ensure to stay true to their ideals and their story, striving to turn experience into scent.

Their three perfumes (extraits) Stilettos on Lex, Terrasse á St-Germain and Amour de Palazzo have stealthily made their way into my heart as well as my regular perfume rotation. Soon I will have to decide which one of the three will enter my perfume closet in full bottle format…

Let’s get to know the two a bit better now:

jul et mad couple

A good day starts with…

Julien: a good espresso

Madalina: a smile from Jul

I’d never leave the house without…

Julien: my blackberry

Madalina: a spritz of perfume, a touch of makeup and a stylish handbag

I always feel good when…

Julien: having a nice dinner with friends

Madalina: I accomplish everything on my To Do list for the day

My favorite thing in the world is…

Julien: discovering new cultures and customs

Madalina: being awaken in the morning by a ray of sunlight

The next thing I want to buy is…

Julien and Madalina: a plane ticket

The place I always come back to is…

Julien: Nepal

Madalina: home, in the Carpathian Mountains

My personal style is…

Julien: casual chic

Madalina: elegant chic, quite classic

My favorite perfume…

Julien: Terrasse à St-Germain

Madalina: Stilettos on Lex

When I travel, I…

Julien and Madalina: like to get lost and mingle with the locals

To relax I need…

Julien: a good reading with Chopin concertos background

Madalina: a good book

I like to gift people with…

Julien: a good bottle of wine (French)

Madalina: small attentions, especially when they least expect it

When I have a bad day, I…

Julien: go for a walk in Paris

Madalina: sing, trying not to think about it

I find my inspiration…

Julien: at a café terrace

Madalina: everywhere, from a simple walk to a striking piece of art

Something I would never want to miss…

Julien: a full sun eclipse

Madalina: a family gathering with my mother and all sisters together

My last mistake was…

Julien & Madalina: forgetting an anniversary

In my fridge there is always…

Julien: a great bottle of champagne

Madalina: lime and Tonic for my T&T (Tanqueray and Tonic)

On my nightstand I keep…

Julien and Madalina: a pile of books

The perfect weekend starts with…

Julien and Madalina: the papers and a good brunch

My role model is…

Julien: No particular role model, but I have great admiration for some specific people

Madalina: Ms. Annette Green, the founder and mastermind behind the Fragrance Foundation

Something I always want to be asked in questionnaires like this is…

Julien: How did I get involved with the Perfumes coming from Neuroscience?
This is what makes life beautiful: unexpected situations and opportunities that open new perspectives and horizons. Just like in love, we must seize the moment and make the best out of it.

Madalina: Tell me one of the reasons why you wake up every morning. My answer: To live every moment to its fullest, as life is very short.


Aren’t those two lovely? I adore their story and the way they made a life together privately and in business, which cannot be easy (says the woman who works in her husband’s office 😉 ).

I am very curious where the story of Jul et Mad will takes us with the next perfume. In the meantime I am still having a hard time deciding on my favorite…

Do you have one? Have you tried the line? Let me know your thoughts!


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20 Responses to People In Perfumeland – Madalina Stoica and Julien Blanchard Of Jul Et Mad

  1. Jordan River says:

    A Perfumed Love Story with Neuroscience and lots of books – what a great read Olfactoria. You’ll have us thinking that the world is full of such lovely people. I think Stilettos on Lex for you but I could be wrong. And I could be biased as I love Dorothée’s body of work. Mind you I love love and laughter too, which can both be found in that bottle.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I could do worse that have you thinking that the world is full of such lovely people… 😉
      Thanks for your advice about Stilettos, it is defintiely in the running (but so is Terrasse! Argh, I can’t decide!!!)

  2. Sandra says:

    They have a beautiful story to tell and I look forward to the next installments. My favorite is Terrasse a St. Germain.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Me too!!!
      Terrasse is indeed lovely, most of the time I’m leaning towards this one as my favorite too (but then again there is Stilettos… see above). 😉

  3. Ines says:

    I haven’t tried the line but I will now I got to know the couple behind. They both look and sound lovely. 🙂

  4. Vanessa says:

    Haven’t tried the line, which is poor of me as it was right there in a store I was in the other day! Option anxiety, I guess. Next time for sure.

    Loved the answer about waking up to sunlight, agree with that one, unless your curtains are too thin and it’s 4am in summer.

    And I accidentally read that the lime and tonic for the gin were on the nightstand, and I thought: ‘That’s my kind of woman!’

    Charming couple indeed, and I look forward to trying the perfumes.

    • Olfactoria says:

      When confronted with hundreds of bottles in a store, I turn extremely test-shy too. It’s just too overwhelming.

      I had to laugh out loud about the lime on the nightstand mistake, too funny! 😀

      Glad you enjoyed the interview, I hope you’ll enjoy the perfumes too!

  5. Persolaise says:

    Thanks very much for a fun post, Birgit. Having met both Jul and Mad, I can confirm that this is exactly how they come across in the flesh: chic, smart and cosmopolitan.

    As for the perfumes… I honestly don’t know which is my favourite yet. I like the dryness of Amour De Palazzo, but I also appreciate the rose/sandalwood accord of Terrasse… and the curious fruitiness of Lex…

    Still undecided, as you can see! 😉

  6. Suzanne says:

    Romance and perfume … I’m not sure life gets any better than that.

    (Unless you toss in a gin-and-tonic. And have a good bottle of champagne in your fridge.) 🙂

    Thanks for another fun interview, Birgit. I have samples of their perfumes. Of the three, I like Amour de Palazzo best so far.

  7. Eva S says:

    I just recently got hold of samples of this line, finally. All three are lovely, I think my favorite is Terasse but Stilettos is so lovely too-I just can’t decide!
    With both these two and the wonderful Arquiste scents I got samples of in the same package I’m in serious trouble 🙂

  8. What an absolutely adorable couple! I did loudly say, “Awwwww!” when I saw that they both forgot their anniversary. Very cute.

    Love the series, Birgit! And love the new header shot too. This is the first time that I have gotten a gander at it. Looks great!

    Jul et Mad is a terrific line that I admire and have recommended to friends. Unfortunately, my tastes run heavier and more dramatic than their fragrances. So far, it’s not for me, but who knows about future additions!

  9. Undina says:

    I enjoyed the interview so much! I think you found simple and very… real (?) questions and it’s nice to read answers from those you interview.

    For a long time I thought that I liked only Amour de Palazzo but recently the other two in the line are growing on me.

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