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In The Circle Of Trust – My Top Five Perfumes (For Now)

The original title of this post was: “What remains when the wild frenzy ends.” But then I thought about Robert DeNiro’s character in Meet the Parents, who maintained a Circle of Trust, wherein only a very select few trusted individuals … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things – End Of 2012 Edition

It’s been a while since I have posted about my favorite things, the end of the year lends itself perfectly to such endeavors, and don’t we all love lists? The year 2012 has been an interesting one. I mostly stuck … Continue reading

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Nabucco Amytis Giveaway Winners Announced!

Thank you all for entering in the giveaway, it was a joy to read through all your little (and not so little ) indulgences and luxuries. And all those goodies we love aside, the answer that come up the most … Continue reading

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Bottle Of The Month: November – And a Giveaway!

The bottle of the month for November was an utter indulgence and über-luxury. It may have subconsciously triggered my new frugality (only applicable for perfume, unfortunately): I bought the gorgeous Nabucco Amytis, the comfort fragrance from heaven. I seem to have thought I am … Continue reading

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Undeserving – Review: Nabucco Amytis Parfum Fin

There are perfumes I’d love to own, if only I wasn’t a fumie. What I mean is that some perfumes deserve to become part of a person, deserve to stand alone, be admired and most importantly, be used day after … Continue reading

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