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A Secret Palace – Finding Hidden Beauty Part VIII

What is behind this door? Let’s find out… The Palais Ferstel is a palace in Vienna’s inner city, but you have to go looking for it. When walking along Herrengasse, it doesn’t loudly announce itself (it does do that on … Continue reading

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In The Circle Of Trust – My Top Five Perfumes (For Now)

The original title of this post was: “What remains when the wild frenzy ends.” But then I thought about Robert DeNiro’s character in Meet the Parents, who maintained a Circle of Trust, wherein only a very select few trusted individuals … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Your Ideal Perfume: Give Me Your Brief, Please!

I’m sure you have often dreamed of the one, the ideal perfume. The scent that you would make for yourself if you could. Let’s play today, let’s be creative directors for a day: Give me your perfume brief. What should … Continue reading

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Fragrant Fiction – Book Review: Aphrodesia by John Oehler

By Jordan River In the flickering light of a hundred oil lamps, Balquees stood in her bath trying to conceal her anxiety from the servant girls washing her. … “We have come prepared, my queen.” Stepping forward, the vizier produced … Continue reading

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Beyond The Sea – Finding Hidden Beauty Part VII

My son and I went to the Aqua Terra Zoo (“Haus des Meeres“) in Vienna the other day. Now while I was mostly frightened to death by the spiders, snakes, insects and other godawful critters, there were just as many … Continue reading

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Olfactoria Is Pretty Angry – Review: Chanel 1932

When I smelled 1932 for the first time last week, it was with high expectations. It is a Chanel after all and the reviews I have read so far had been positive. Unfortunately I went away from the boutique disappointed. … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Is The Most Uplifting Perfume You Know?

Winter is here. Everything is grey in grey (at least in the northern hemisphere). When it is cold and dreary outside, which perfumes lift your mood? Which scents make you happy? What perfume acts as the perfect antidote to the … Continue reading

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Perfume News – By Kilian Asian Tales Flower Of Immortality

Luxury “niche” house By Kilian is releasing a third perfume in the Asian Tales line (there are also the L’Oeuvre Noire, Arabian Nights and In The Garden Of Good And Evil collections). The first two releases have been the greatest … Continue reading

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All Chanel, All The Time – Finding Hidden Beauty Part VI

This time I did not have to venture far to find something beautiful – and this time it is Perfumista appropriate beauty too… Today on Valentine’s Day, I am honoring a great and ongoing love of mine and of many … Continue reading

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A Ghost Poetic – Review: Carner Barcelona Rima XI

A perfume inspired by a poem… I’m all for that. This is a combination of two things that manages easily to tug on my heartstrings and in this case it does so incredibly beautifully and effciently. Consider me swooning. Let … Continue reading

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