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My Very Own Kelly – Finding Hidden Beauty Part IV

When I think about beauty, some things instantly come to mind that stand for this elusive concept. Like this woman for example: Grace Kelly has a perfect first name: she is grace personified and grace is a big part of … Continue reading

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A Lovely Morning – Perfume Shopping With Aussies

This Monday I had the pleasure of meeting Portia of Australian Perfume Junkies and her charming boyfriend Jin for breakfast at Vienna’s Café Central, a traditional Kaffeehaus that not only sports a fantastic ambience, but also serves bacon and eggs. … Continue reading

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This One Moment – Review: April Aromatics Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden – underneath the linden trees – is the perfume that first captured my attention and the one I needed to try first from Berlin-based organic perfume company April Aromatics. Find out more about the line on the company’s … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Which Are The Best Fragrance Flankers?

By Tara Do you think flankers offer an opportunity to re-work an existing fragrance in a new and exciting way? Or do you think flankers are usually a cynical attempt to cash in on a successful perfume, often with little … Continue reading

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Mozart And Kangaroos – The Austrian-Australian Perfume Coalition Meets

The fabulous Portia of Australian Perfume Junkies is on the first part of her world tour 2013 and visited Vienna together with her lovely boyfriend Jin. It was such a pleasure to meet the two of them! Tomorrow Portia, Jin … Continue reading

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Sweet Little Thing – The World Of Vanilla Part VIII

By Neil HABIT ROUGE by GUERLAIN Jacques Guerlain was right when he said that vanilla is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and it is probably the reason why I am so drawn to the perfumes of this house; even in florals such … Continue reading

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In The City – Finding Hidden Beauty Part III

Today I’m taking you on a little walk through Vienna… A beautifully lit window that invites you to stay and take in every little detail. The K.K. Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel in Vienna is famous for their creative window displays. To my … Continue reading

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Indefensible Amounts Of Beauty – A Response

Editor’s Note: The following post was intended as a comment on my recent Monday Question about the importance of bottles. Since it is rather long and very beautiful (and that is apparently emerging to become our theme this year, people!), I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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An Evening With Frederic Malle At Liberty Of London – January 16, 2013

By Tara When you read about Frédéric Malle’s background, it does seem as if he was born with perfume in his DNA. His grandfather founded Christian Dior Parfums and his mother became their Art Director and collaborated on Eau Sauvage. … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Niche Brand Are You Most Curious About Right Now?

There are so many new brands emerging left and right, stay away from the internet for a few weeks and you seem to have missed about 50 launches. It is impossible to keep up and I don’t even try (or … Continue reading

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