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Perfume And Personality – An Interview with Matt Lukjanenko

Guest Post by Jordan River Tonight The Scented Salon is in Sydney. With us we have Matt Lukjanenko, an Australian student writing a thesis on Olfaction and Personality. Olfaction is the science of smell. You can assist his research, if … Continue reading

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Olfactory Bliss – Why I Love Perfume So Much

I love perfume. That comes as no big surprise I bet, considering this is a perfume blog. But why? Why is it that I (and all of you, I dare say) love perfume so much. So much so that we … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes – Les Coulisses Du Parfum By Osmoz

I received the entire five volumes of Les Coulisses du Parfum for Christmas. My dear husband took my hints to heart, but that I would get the entire series was a wonderful and very generous surprise. Volumes I-V contain individual … Continue reading

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Following My Nose – The Sensory Questionnaire

Glass Petal Smoke first devised this beautiful questionnaire, I then saw it on Scent of the Day. I hope it is alright if I take a page out of their book and complete it too. Here are my answers. 1.  … Continue reading

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Objectivity of Olfaction – Do we smell the same thing?

Luca Turin says smell is objective, just like vision is. A clearly defined wavelength, allowing no room for subjective perception. That is, in my humble, non-scientific opinion, quite possibly true, even if Turin has a lot of trouble getting his peers … Continue reading

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