Short But Sweet! – Scent Of The Day

Even though I have not been blogging for long, it has quickly grown into an activity I enjoy very much, rather than a chore (that´s how it should be I guess;)), so when I cannot do my usual routine of writing I get a bit cranky. So this is a very short and quick post, before anyone finds me at the computer, since I am supposed to relax 😉

My scent of the evening is Andy Tauer´s Incense Extreme (proper review to come next year). An almost pure incense, simple and wonderful. It is very appropriate for this time of the year, and one blends perfectly in when in church. 😉

I can hear my dear husband sighing loudly already, so I´l better run…

Back on Monday!

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6 Responses to Short But Sweet! – Scent Of The Day

  1. Tara says:

    Thanks for posting Christmas Day – I can’t stop reading so it’s a good thing! Got a decant of Aomassai and lots of samples for Christmas so having fun sniffing. Looking forward to your review of Tauer’s Incense Pure as I’m really getting into incense at the moment. Will check back in on Monday. Have fun with the family.

  2. deeHowe says:

    You are so funny; I wrote two posts, but decided to save them until at least tomorrow (the 26th), lest people think me obsessed. 😉

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