What The Christkindl Brought…

The “Christkindl” was very good perfume-wise, this year.

I received the entire set of “Les Coulisses du Parfum” from Osmoz. I will be the master sniffer in no time 😉

Also the discovery set from niche line “By Kilian” found its way into my home, expect reviews in the coming months.

Finally my husband got me a set by Jo Malone, containing six small sizes of her colognes, I am curious how they turn out.

I am lucky to have such a generous family.

Aside from that I am still glad the holidays are over. For routine to return though it will still be some time. It is always astounding to experience how much a creature of routine I am, although I am aware of that fact in theory, it is something else in practice 😉

What did you all get for Christmas? Any great new perfume acquisitions? What did Santa bring?

Picture Source: tubman.org some rights reserved, thank you!

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7 Responses to What The Christkindl Brought…

  1. Victoria says:

    Excellent gifts! Your family is indeed very generous and knows your tastes well. I got mostly computer related things. Since neither one of us is Catholic, we reserve gift exchanges for the Russian Orthodox Christmas, which is still to come. So, the more romantic presents are still waiting for me. 🙂

  2. deeHowe says:

    What lovely gifts! I cannot wait to hear about the Jo Malone’s. She’s been on my radar for a while, but I haven’t tried any of the colognes yet!

    Happy Monday 🙂

  3. Tara says:

    Congrats on your lovely presents!

    I got a decant of PG’s Aomassai for Christmas- lots of sweet, roasty, toasty goodness – but sadly it is so short lived I won’t be paying out for a full bottle.

    I recently got a sample of By Kilian’s Back to Black which I find wonderful and hugely addictive, so I’m really looking forward to your reviews of the line.

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