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Perfumer Sandrine Videault Has Died

I just heard that perfumer Sandrine Videault, creator of the wonderful Les Nez Manoumalia, has passed away yesterday. She recently worked on a perfume called Magnolia Grandiflora for the floral artisan company Grandiflora in Sydney, Australia. Luckily a sample of … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Laurie Erickson Of Sonoma Scent Studio

That I really like Sonoma Scent Studio is witnessed by the many reviews here on the blog. I like quite a few things about SSS and the woman behind it, Californian perfumer Laurie Erickson: she is not afraid to use … Continue reading

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Patricia de Nicolaï at Perfume Lovers London – New Cavendish Club on Thursday 23th May

By Tara It was a joy to get to meet and hear from Patricia de Nicolaï who is founder of Nicolaï, Créateur de Parfum and president of the Osmothèque (the perfume conservatory and museum in Versailles). Patricia is a thoroughly … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Perfume Collector By Kathleen Tessaro

By Jordan I will not go mad as long as there is beauty in the world and I can be near it. Featuring 3 perfumers, a windfall inheritance, and a missing perfume formula, The Perfume Collector starts slowly as it … Continue reading

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Roja Dove – An Extraordinary Englishman Part II

Here is Part II of my interview with Roja Dove at the Haute Parfumerie in Harrod’s in London. Read Part I here. How did you come up with the names of your perfumes, what do they signify for you? Danger, … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Would You Like To Work In The Perfume Industry?

Is your dream to become a perfumer yourself? Would you like to start your own brand? Design bottles maybe? Work in perfume retail? Open your own store? Do you see yourself working in the industry in the future? Or are … Continue reading

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“I Smell With My Brain” Jean-Claude Ellena’s Point Of View

There was an interesting article about Jean-Claude Ellena, the journalist’s most favorite perfumer, in Spiegel Magazine last week that I’d like to share with you. I read Ellena’s book “The Diary of a Nose: A Year in the Life of … Continue reading

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Stunning – Review: Roja Parfums Unspoken Extrait de Parfum

Unspoken was part of the triology of scents Roja Dove launched in 2007. A floral (Scandal), an oriental (Enslaved) and a chypre (Unspoken). There are more perfumes in the line by now (Aoud, Diaghilev, Danger, Innuendo, Reckless, Dazed and Confused. Okay those last … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes – Les Coulisses Du Parfum By Osmoz

I received the entire five volumes of Les Coulisses du Parfum for Christmas. My dear husband took my hints to heart, but that I would get the entire series was a wonderful and very generous surprise. Volumes I-V contain individual … Continue reading

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I’m Going Indie – Review: Ava Luxe Love’s True Bluish Light

I am fascinated by independent perfumers. The internet opened unique possibilities of getting into “personal” contact with people, you would otherwise never even hear of. (Not meant as an insult to these people, but alluding to the fact, that I live in … Continue reading

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