A Cure For All Diseases – Review: Penhaligon’s Anthology Collection Orange Blossom 1976

The original Orange Blossom was a perfume from 1976, it has been recreated as part of the Anthology Collection by everybody’s favorite perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufour. (No, I am not being suggestive or even manipulative, why do you ask?)

The perfume has been completely reformulated and thoroughly brought up to speed, fitting the times and the current tastes. Orange Blossom certainly fits my tastes, what about yours?

Notes include neroli, violet leaf, bergamot, lemon-cedrat, cardamom absolute, pink berries, orange absolute, egyptian jasmine absolute, tuberose absolute, rose essence, peach flower, orchid, sandalwood, virginian cedar, white musk and vanilla.

The name Orange Blossom is deceptive in its suggestion of a simple soliflore. It is much more complex and full of depth for that. Penhaligon’s call it “a luminous honeyed floral that feels like walking from the shade into warm sunshine”. That is an image I find appealing and fitting.

A fresh citrus burst is quickly followed by a full and lush bouquet of orange blossom, accentuated by tuberose, jasmine and rose. I also smell a slight apricot facet that lets me think of osmanthus, the note is not listed though, but maybe it is the peach flower I detect here. The base is soft and smooth sandalwood and vanilla, woody, slightly musky, not overly sweet. It last for at least six, more like eight hours on me.

It is warm, sweet, exuberant, full of light, but always mannered. Orange Blossom won’t overpower you, won’t cause a headache, won’t scream at others. But it certainly smiles at others.

I was (and still am, of course) enarmoured with Amaranthine, another BD creation that walks the line between floral innocence and depraved sensuality. In a way Orange Blossom has the same intentions, although it is more prim and proper, doesn’t act out its ideas, but there are there all right, in its pretty, little head, waiting for nightfall.

Orange Blossom is the PG-rated, daytime version of Amaranthine (in feel, not smell!), a Mediterranean day filled with sunshine, blue skies, fragrant flowers by the wayside and a laughing woman enjoying life.

Yes, it is just as lovely as it sounds.

So, Ladies (and Gents), treat yourself! 🙂

Image source: penhaligons.com, vintageadbrowser.com

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18 Responses to A Cure For All Diseases – Review: Penhaligon’s Anthology Collection Orange Blossom 1976

  1. *jen says:

    I think I need A Positive Cure for All Diseases, so I’ll put Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom on my to-test list! I am a huge Amaranthine fan, so if this is a similar feel, I’m probably going to love it!

  2. Tarleisio says:

    I LOVE that – a positive cure for ALL diseases! Anyone who knows me will also know that orange blossom in nearly any incarnation is one of my All Time Panaceas…for anything, or very nearly! 😉

    Must. Try. Sooner. Rather. Than. Later. Because now we know it, folks – <i<every lady can cure herself!

    So that’s what I’ve been doing all these years, and to think I never even knew it!;)

  3. Tara says:

    Ha! That advert is a riot! I love the sound of this “specific” orange blossom and love the orange/cardomom combination whenever I find it. Must see where Penhalligon’s shop/s is in London. With BD you can rest assured that in his hands, even the most simple sounding fragrance will turn out to be far from ordinary.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I love that advert! 🙂
      I am more and more impressed with Penhaligon’s, I always had them down as rather dowdy and unexiting, but those recent BD creations are amazing! Let me know when you make an excursion to their store!

  4. dee says:

    Hmmm… something to cure what ails me? Sign me up!

    This sounds like a happy, care-free kind of scent—very much worth investigating! 😉

  5. I never need much prodding (ok, none) to try a Penhaligon’s perfume that is new to me, but with the possibility of being cured of all my female diseases, (including shopping addiction?) how can I resist it?

  6. kjanicki says:

    I love Orange Blossom. I wear it on hot days and to bed in the summer for sweet dreams. Recently I discovered that it’s very nice spritzed over my new bottle of The Party in Manhatten.I don’t know why, I guess it sweetens the dirty chypre base notes up a bit.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Oh, you have The Party! I smelled it at Roja Dove’s, although I am no big chypre person this one is amazing! I’m sure it is lovely together with Orange Blossom.

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