Last Week In Perfume Land – Weekend Link Love

This week has been an extraordinary good week in terms of perfumed surprises.

I received many packages from all over the world from kind, lovely, generous and like-minded friends. Thank you so much, you know who you are!

So I have so many things to smell right now, I can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed. I would need a perfume-cation – that is a few free days devoted solely to smelling new things. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Who else wants a perfume-cation? Thought so! 😉

Last week in Perfumeland the following posts drew me in especially:

Suzanne’s moving piece about Caron Aimez Moi touched me deeply.

Tommy’s intergalactic sillage had me running for my space suit, but The Candy Perfume Boy is adorable whatever he wafts…

Tarleisio’s take on one of my dearest amber perfumes, once more confirms her mastery of the written word.

Ines of All I Am – A Redhead is one of Perfumeland’s loveliest inhabitants, here is proof, although no one should need it.

Carrie of Eyeliner on a Cat reviewed a perfume I wanted to smell for a long time, if only it weren’t so expensive… Aftelier Parfum Privé, Mandy’s personal scent.

Dee of Beauty On The Outside shares another of her favorite things – frankincense.

Vanessa of Bonkers about Perfume shares her journey through the Slovenian postal system in a dedicated bid to mail my parcels.

Have a great Sunday everybody!


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21 Responses to Last Week In Perfume Land – Weekend Link Love

  1. Persolaise says:

    Thanks very much indeed for these, Olfactoria. I think there are a couple of articles on your list that I’d missed, so I’m grateful to you for bringing them to my/our attention.

  2. vanessa says:

    Hi Olfactoria,

    A perfume-cation sounds like a grand idea! It is hard to catch up with all the samples one acquires. I have recently placed small orders at both Luckyscent and TPC, which is most out of character these days, and means I have even more need of the vacation of which you speak..

    Thanks for the mention – I’d gladly do it again whenever I am next down your way. But I hope your own postal service gets a grip and realises that such rates are untenable.

    Have a nice Sunday!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Have a nice Sunday too, Vanessa! What samples did you order from Luckyscent and TPC? (I’m terribly nosy!) 🙂

      • vanessa says:

        Oesel, Love and Tears (to have just a bit of them!), Ibitira (to try), that Biehl Kunstwerke one you recommended (gs01), WGP as a control (haha!), and Fiore de Riso (I think I sent mine to you). Then what else? From TPC it was Jersey, Mon Numero 6 and 8 (based on a mix of your reviews and Katie P’s), Santal Blush (for the name alone it had to be tried!) and JM White Tie and Tiara. Oh…and more WGP as a control. Samples are nowhere near as cheap as I remember..!

  3. Ines says:

    Dear Olfactoria, thank you for the link. 🙂 (and the kind words)
    Can you believe I somehow forgot I’ve written that post? It’s been a hectic week full of too much information, not enough rest (which I only realized today after waking up, should I even admit to it?, after 11 hours of sleep). I jumped out of bed instantly when I saw the time. 😀

    I loved Vanessa’s post on the post. 😉 It was like walking through them with her (without the frustration, just for fun).

    P.S. I’m jealous of anyone trying Mandy’s Parfum Prive, I can only imagine the spellbounding at work when you apply it.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I’m happy you had a good sleep, in a few year I fully intend to have one of those again. 😉

      Good to hear that I am not the only one being jealous when Parfum Privė comes in. 😉

      I hope you had a wonderful weekend, dear Ines!

  4. Mandy Aftel says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the link to Carrie’s review of Parfum Privé – I thought it was fabulous!
    – Mandy Aftel.

  5. Thank you for the link to my blog, B! I only have a few drops left of Parfum Prive, I must start plotting for a small bottle. 🙂

  6. tarleisio says:

    Thank you ever so much for the mention, darling B! That was a very sweet thing to do! Ah, that Parfum Privé…dangerous, dangerous stuff…I limit myself as I can, and that Barbie-sized rollerball bottle is very, very small…;-)

  7. Suzanne says:

    Birgit, thank you for the link love. I love you back!! <33

    (And hope you had a great weekend at your little house on the Vienna prairie!)

  8. Hi Birgit, thanks for the linkage, I hope you had a lovely weekend 😀

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