Last Week In Perfumeland – Weekend Link Love and Reminder To Vote For Mandy Aftel FiFi Award 2011

This Sunday is dedicated to trying to relax and doing only things that everybody loves to do. A lazy Sunday is what we envision. I am certain this will involve lots of scooter driving, trying to eat grass and little stones and cooking. None of these activities are exactly my favorites, I will try to read a book in between watching the boys and keeping them from killing themselves or others.

The last week in Perfumeland was once more very busy, many lovely things to read, but that is what lazy Sundays are for after all.

Suzanne is once more to blame for a craving I did not expect – Absolue pour le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is probably a skank fest, I should run from, but she makes it sound so good! Another post from yesterday describes Suzanne’s surrender to a favorite of mine – Ambre Fetiche. It is only a question of time, before Ambre Fetiche holds us all tight in its intoxicating embrace.

Ines of All I Am – A Redhead starts looking Vero Kern’s three fragrances and compares the Extraits with the Eau de Parfums, very intriguing…

Dee of Beauty on the Outside educates us on bottle splits, the smart Perfumista’s way to a varied collection.

Tarleisio of Scent Less Sensibilities is all abuzz about Zeta, Andy Tauers newest creation. Take a chance to win it too, by answering her question!

Victoria of EauMG writes about Miss Charming by Juliette has a Gun, the line is on my radar now, since I fell for Calamity J recently.

Brian of I Smell Therefore I Am wrote a post about smelling perfume in the wild. I almost never get remarks on what I wear or smell perfume on anyone when in the real world, so his encounters are both interesting and funny.

Carrie of Eyeliner on a Cat wrote the most important post of all this week – a reminder to vote for Mandy Aftel’s Honey Blossom perfume that is nominated for a FiFi Award. Please, all of you who are allowed, vote for Mandy, it would be a (much deserved) triumph if she won! Here is the link to vote until May 12th – FiFi Ballot 2011

Enjoy your Weekend!

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8 Responses to Last Week In Perfumeland – Weekend Link Love and Reminder To Vote For Mandy Aftel FiFi Award 2011

  1. Mandy Aftel says:

    Thank you Birgit for this wonderful support for Honey Blossom and for my work. It is very touching to me.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Hope you managed to read your book and that not too many little stones and blades of grass were consumed by your littlest one. 🙂

    Off to see who is qualified to vote in these FiFi awards. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. vanessa says:

    Hi Olfactoria,

    Do you have a bottle of Calamity Jane, only I have a German friend in Bavaria who was given it as a Xmas gift by mistake (she asked for Lady Vengeance(!), to which I introduced her last summer). Unwisely, she decided to try this one anyway, encouraged by her family, and now can’t exchange it because it is technically “used”. The bottle has become a huge albatross and she is looking for a caring home for it. I could act as go between if you are interested. : – )

  4. Ines says:

    Thank you for the link and I voted for Mandy. 🙂

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