Los Angeles, California – Review: Le Labo Musc 25

Musc 25 is Le Labo’s Los Angeles exclusive, available at all Le Labo stores and online, as well as at Luckyscent, throughout the month of November.

Created by Frank Völkl, Musc 25 includes notes of aldehyde, ambergris, musk, lily of the valley, patchouli, rose absolute, cedar and vetiver.

Musc 25 is one of those perfumes that leave me really, really cold.

Squeaky clean and laundry fresh, blindingly white and painfully soapy, Musc 25 is touted as being angelic (and therefore suited for the City of Angels) with a devilish twist. All I can say is that after three wearings (that tested my patience to its very limits), I am still waiting for the devil to appear. I would have welcomed him with open arms and by now would have willingly sold my soul, just to be rid of the “angelic” Musc 25.

Musk and aldehydes combine to create a screechy super-white scent that adds lily of the valley to the fray and thereby alienates me completely. To me, Musc 25 smells as synthetic as possible, and not in a good way. The supposed dark side, the dirty, skanky, wild part is totally lost on me. Not that I crave a dirty musk so much (me and MKK will never be close), but I would have liked some relief from the relentless cleanliness and superior whiteness Musc 25 exudes. But the devil was a no show…

There is also some PR talk about a “a synthesized representation of human semen” – yeah, whatever, is all I can say to that extremely necessary piece of information. Maybe I’m anosmic to that. 😉

Can you tell that this is not my favorite Le Labo?

Well, no matter, moving on.

Image source: luckyscent.com, thinkminecraft.com

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25 Responses to Los Angeles, California – Review: Le Labo Musc 25

  1. Sandra says:

    Oh dear! You got a really good chuckle out of me on this one. Love the image of you embracing the devil. Definitely will NOT be trying this one. Have a great weekend.

  2. andrea says:

    It’s not often that you inspire me to rush out and not try a perfume, this may be the first time. Very funny review, had me smiling on an early Saturday morning at work anyway.:-)

  3. Tara says:

    Thanks so much for testing this one 3 times so we don’t have to, B! Much appreciated 🙂

    I find laundry musk stomach churning so will give this one a wide berth if I get to the Le Labo counter next month.

    Happy Saturday!

  4. deeHowe says:

    I love the smell of laundry soap… When i am doing laundry. I used to use powder soap, and loved to stick my face in the box and take a deep whiff before scooping out the requisite amount for clean clothes. These days I use liquid, and it’s unscented so as not to interfere with my other aromas, and I certainly am not replacing those box-powder experiences with fine fragrance. Pass!

    Thanks for taking one for the team 😉

  5. The notes in this one look interesting to me. Makes me wonder if it’s skin chemistry or personal preference (or a mix of the two :)) that make this one a thumbs down for you. Regardless, this was an entertaining review to read.

  6. anotherperfumeblog says:

    As one of the few people around who really loves Los Angeles (I was born there, too!), I’m disappointed to read that they went such a bland route with this. Los Angeles is much more complex than the vanilla Hollywood element that might wish to smell like laundry soap. 😦

    • Olfactoria says:

      I’m sorry that Musc 25 is not a great representation of your hometown. But this is just my point of view, to others it is great. Smell it anyway, when you get the chance, maybe you like it more than I did. (Not really sure about that, but you sounded so despondent and hope dies last after all. 😉 )

  7. So it’s safe to say that you don’t like this one then? 😛

  8. vanessa says:

    Just caught up with this review, whose comedy value more than makes up for what the scent lacks in merit! As I was reading, I wondered if Musc 25 was at least an accurate olfactory representation of that devilish white makeup – clutching at straws, I know… ; – )

    I must say I have a similar problem with Byredo Blanche and one of my worst albatross buys, L’Artisan L’Ete en Douce…

    The watchword with this one seems to be “weitraeumig umfahren”! (“wide roomily drive around” ; – ) )

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