A Question Of Sanity – Review: Parfum d’Empire Yuzu Fou

The journey through the empires that Marc-Antoine Corticchiato creates olfactory equivalents of, in his line Parfum d’Empire, goes on today to modern Japan. Urban nature in the 21st century is what Yuzu Fou wants to communicate.

The journey continues, because I find one good perfume after another in this line, and I won’t stop until I have tried them all. 😉

Yuzu Fou, the crazy yuzu, is as the name already implies a citrus scent, whether it is crazy or not remains to be seen.

Yuzu Fou, created by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato in 2008, includes notes of kumquat, bigarade orange, yuzu, mint, green bamboo, verbena, neroli, blond cedar and white musk.

Yuzu Fou begins sharp and bitter. There is an intense citrus accord dominated by bigarade (bitter orange) and it is definitely not sweet at all. There is almost a spiciness to the top that is at once intriguing, different and intensely refreshing. The citrus notes calm and sweeten a bit as mint joins the fray and briefly takes over, clearly and distinctly, bringing calm and coolness with it. Then verbena saunters in, uniting under its umbrella the green and the lemony aspects of the scent, slowly the top notes fade and the heart is mostly neroli, more soft, floral and sweet than before, it is resting on an unobtrusive wooden bed that sticks with me for about four hours.

Yuzu Fou is refreshing, interesting, unusual, cooling, genderless and gives an impression of being robust and well built. Is it crazy? Nah. I think it is perfectly sane.

What might be crazy, is passing up Parfum d’Empire.

Psychiatric Hospital Seacliff, 1910

A dear reader, Marie, let me know that there is a very affordable sample set to be had directly from the Parfum d’Empire website. I think it is a good investment checking out the entire line.

Image source: parfumo.de, qwiki.com

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25 Responses to A Question Of Sanity – Review: Parfum d’Empire Yuzu Fou

  1. Sandra says:

    It is wonderfully refreshing – especially on those hot days in Vienna!

  2. lady jane grey says:

    As I already mentioned to you I ordered the sample set some 2-3 weeks ago, and it arrived promptly, together with a neat letter from PdE. I always appreciate good customer service (probably becasue I work within one …).

    I’ve been testing myself through the set these days, and though I mostly like them, there was no real “click” between us yet. Now, I like BITTER and quite loved yuzu since my first encounter with that strange fruit – in tea, parfum, etc. And no doubt, Yuzu Fou is made nicely…, but I’m starting to think that I’m not ethereal enough for the PdE scents, I’m simply too robust (however, wearing jeans size 26…). I have this vision of elf-like creatures, spritzing and appreciating the PdE scents, and they last on them at least half a day….

    • Olfactoria says:

      With jeans size 26 I cannot imagine you being very robust (note to self: never meet her in person, you’ll seem like an elephant in comparison), but I think I know what you mean. For a citrus scent, Yuzu Fou is very longlasting, but citrus scents have their limitations of course.
      As for the others, did you try Wazamba or Ambre Russe yet, they last just about forever. (Either that or I am very elf-like after all 😉 )

      • lady jane grey says:

        I definitely imagine you as elf-like (I somehow think I saw you once at Duft & Kultur…) – and we have to meet in person : I will make tonka panna cotta and tonka creme brulee for you !

        • Olfactoria says:

          Really? Why didn’t you say something? Vienna is a small town after all. 🙂
          After the tonka panna cotta, I’ll definitely start resembling an elephant! 😀

  3. Tara says:

    I thought this one wouldn’t be for me until I read your review! Really enjoying having you take us through this line. I like the way Parfum d’Empire scents seem quite straightforward on the surface but then you see there’s a little twist that makes them interesting.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I find them all very interesting, yet extremely wearable and allowing a great range of people to love them. The only ones I have trouble with are Fougere Bengale and Aziyadé, both cumin offenders. But Ines, for example loves those two.
      Would you want me to review the ones I do not like so much as well, or rather stick to the ones I love?

      • Tara says:

        Personally, I am happy with you reviewing just the ones you like as we seem to dislike the same kind of scents (cumin/oud-heavy, scary ones like Bandit & OJ Woman 🙂 ). However I realise this is rather selfish of me and others might want to hear about the ones you and I might not find as appealing.

  4. deeHowe says:

    So if I feel like I”m losing my sanity… do you think this might be a good remedy?? 😉

  5. jedennard says:

    This sounds like something I would enjoy, too. Your writing tends to do that for many fragrances 🙂 Verbena, white musk and cedar are favorite notes of mine. The power of suggestion is pulling me toward a sample set.

  6. annemariec says:

    Hi Olfactoria (and all), regarding the sample set, do you know if it is shipped world wide? I have almost no Frenchm, so can’t figure out from the webiste if they will ship to Australia. Thanks, and thanks for the review.

  7. Vanessa says:

    I like this scent, and particularly your whimsical image of the verbena sauntering in!

    If you say the name Yuzu Fou a lot – and you mention it a few times in your review – it starts to sound even madder! Definitely tongue twister material. : – )

    • Olfactoria says:

      Repeated mentioning of the perfume name is something the google bots apparently love, they need lots of encouragement, so they realize you are really and truly writing about this perfume. They thank you for this kindness by listing you on Google more quickly. The previous sentence throws a whole different light on the subject of sanity, btw. 😉

      • Vanessa says:

        Oh okay – those bots sound a bit slow on the uptake, then! (I will probably get de-listed for saying so now…) I guess if anyone really went to town on the name-mentioning thing to placate the bots – and I wonder how many references they are looking for per column inch of text? – there is the risk that they could end up sounding like one, or how I think a bot might sound. Not that you mentioned Yuzu Fou loads of times or anything. But even a handful of mentions of a wacky name like had a disproportionate, tongue twistery effect on me as I read it!

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