2011 – New Year, New Perfume, New Love

January 1, 2011, very early morning…

The first day of the year is so innocent. Nothing keeping you down (yet), no grave thoughts (yet), no pressing things to do (yet), no children screaming for you (yet), no cranky husband grumbling (yet).

Everything is quiet and white and new. Like a freshly made bed, crisp and fragrant.

Like an undisturbed field of freshly fallen snow, glittering and cold.

What does this scenario smell like?

My first answer is Puredistance I, but I´ll refrain from saying it, because I don´t want to bore you by repeating myself, so I will look further this time.

What does it smell like?

Like Snow White as in L´Eau d´Hiver? Like falling snow as in Teint de Neige? Like a walk in the woods as in Incense Rosé? Like the white flour of Bois Farine? Yes, yes, yes and yes, but that is old news, too.

What does it smell like? What does the color white smell like? What does quiet smell like? What does serenity smell like?

I´d like you to tell me. What is the best fragrance for this kind of mood, this kind of scene in your opinion? What could be my new perfume love for this cold January of 2011?

I´m curious what you love right now.

I have to go now, children start screaming, husband starts grumbling, thing outside are still white though. Serenity Now!

Picture source: top-wetter.de, laurenoutloud.com, some rights reserved, thank you!

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7 Responses to 2011 – New Year, New Perfume, New Love

  1. Tarleisio says:

    The scent of white and quiet, the calm after the storm…that’s a very good question! Perfumes that smell “white” to me are, in no particular order…Donna Karan’s “Gold” – which despite the name is a very well-constructed lily, as is Malle’s “Lys Mediterranée”, which also smells…white. Estée Lauder’s Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is blinding white light – the light of a summer’s day, reflecting off the ocean, or the equally dazzling sunlight that makes snow sparkle like the best kind of diamonds…

    But for calm, for peace, for contemplation, nothing calms me quite so well as Andy Tauer’s Incense Extrème. Peace, contemplation and goodwill towards my fellow humans – in a bottle! I think that’s what I’ll do today – and thank time there’s still another day before the madness returns on Monday…;-)

    Have a very Happy New Year’s Day, Olfactoria! Here’s to all the fun we KNOW – and our noses know! – we’ll have in the year to come!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thank you for your suggestions! I wholeheartedly agree. Incidentally I am wearing Incense Extreme today! We seem to be on the same page here 🙂
      Lys Mediterranee is wonderful too, I will have to look for it right now.
      All the best for you in 2011, Tarleisio, I am glad to have “met” you 😉

  2. Victoria says:

    It smells of Chanel No 22 in my mind, white crisp aldehydes with some incense to suggest black branches and twigs slightly visible under the snow.
    I agree with all of your choices though!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Marina says:

    Chanel 22, 5 and aldehydes in general for me too. Boadicea Pure…and something else that is right on the tip of my tongue, but I just can’t remember!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Boadicea Pure – that I don’t know. *scribbles on evergrowing list*
      Thank you for your suggestions, if you ever remember the tip of your tongue – one, let me know 😉

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