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People In Perfumeland – Georg Wuchsa Of Aus Liebe Zum Duft (First In Fragrance)

Today I am happy to welcome Georg Wuchsa, the man behind Europe’s biggest online niche perfume store Aus Liebe zum Duft, called First in Fragrance in English. Aus Liebe zum Duft literally means for the love of scent, and that … Continue reading

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2011 – New Year, New Perfume, New Love

January 1, 2011, very early morning… The first day of the year is so innocent. Nothing keeping you down (yet), no grave thoughts (yet), no pressing things to do (yet), no children screaming for you (yet), no cranky husband grumbling … Continue reading

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Olfactoria in Wonderland – How I Came To Be A Perfumista

For most of my adult life I was perfectly content with owning and wearing one or two perfumes at the most. I ‘d buy a bottle of something that struck my fancy. I went to department store to try something after … Continue reading

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Scent Layering: 1+1=?

Just a quick post in passing: Remember my struggle with this scent? I never tried to layer scents before, probably because I was afraid to end up with a sillage to empty a stadium or of ruining otherwise perfectly good perfumes … Continue reading

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