A Walk In The Woods – Review: Tauer Perfumes Incense Rosé

Incense Rosé by Andy Tauer is the first Tauer perfume I fell in love with. Tauer fragrances and I have a complicated relationship, but more on that this afternoon, when I will devote an entire post to my experiences with Andy’s creations.

Incense Rosé is stunning. On first contact, it captivates me, it stays with me and it is a scent that does not only evoke an image in my mind, or a memory, no, it tells an entire story. It is rich, complex without being complicated, and deep, while at the same time remaining light and eminently wearable. Contrary to some other Tauers it is not so potent as to knock you over with good intentions, but seems to be more restrained and sparer, than what one is used to from the perfumer.

Notes include clementine, bergamot, cardamom, rose, castor, orris root, frankincense, cedar wood, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver. It is almost linear, not a wild rollercoaster of development, which suits me just fine.

I was of the opinion not to like incense. It always struck me as too masculine, too though, too smoky and harsh. Boy, was I wrong.

Incense Rosé walks me through a forest. I wander through the deep woods, pine needles crunching underfoot, breathing in deeply the fresh air, that is still heavy shortly after a rainstorm. The trees surrounding me are dense and a deep, deep green, only occasionally a ray of sunlight penetrates, and when it does, it illuminates the whole forest with white, shimmering light.

Suddenly a ray of light falls on a rose. A dark pink rose, incongruently growing on a bed of moss and pine needles. All alone in the woods stands this rose, strong, unbowed by the recent rainstorm, still wet, but fully in bloom, drinking up the sunlight. I can see it in great detail, the softness of the petals can be almost felt, as well as the pricking of the thorns. An oddity, how it lives there, in the middle of a forest, but admired and revered by all who see it.

This story was there in my head, perfectly formed in the instant of smelling Incense Rosé for the first time. It moves me, that a perfume can be so perfect, such a work of art, such an intricately woven flying carpet ready to carry anyone who smells it off into its universe. (After writing this review I went to the Tauer website to look up the concentration and size info, when I saw the description by Andy of “a thick, flying oriental carpet”. I swear, I did not see that description before, but I think that I came up with it too, just shows how well Andy transports his ideas in his perfumes!)

The piney-incense drydown of Incense Rosé wears almost 24 hours on me, constantly making me aware of its presence, but never overpowering me or my surroundings.

I cannot wear it every day, it is something special, to be worn with thought, to be chosen with care and deliberation, to be treated with respect and reverence.

It is available in 50ml Eau de Parfum.

Picture sources: tauerperfumes.com, magicmomma.multiply.com, arturovelasquez.wordpress.com, stuartwildeblog.com some rights reserved, thank you!

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12 Responses to A Walk In The Woods – Review: Tauer Perfumes Incense Rosé

  1. kjanicki says:

    I love Incense Rose! This is my favourite time of year to wear it too. The best part is when it rubs of on the fur collar of my coat and lasts there for days.

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  6. So interesting! I just reviewed this one, after a long (well, I only started perfumes a few months ago but it feels long) time of hating Tauer perfumes. Of course, I had to find out what you had written after. 😀

    I find it interesting that we both got extremely detailed images in our minds (I can see very detail in my head of the image this frag gave me); perhaps it really does prove that his work is art.

    Beautifully written, as always. 🙂

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  9. victoria says:

    Hi, I love reading your blog & am a huge fan of Andy Tauer so when I read that he has an autobiography I got very excited but after a frantic search to get myslef a copy I could not find any evidence that this book even exists !!!!!

    please can you confirm that Andy has an autobiography & where i may be likely to purchase it?

    thank you

    Victoria x

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hello Victoria,
      truth be told this is the first I have heard of the existence of such a book, so unfortunately I cannot help you there.
      But you know what I would do? Ask Andy himself. The man is very approachable through his blog, so why not just go to the source, then you’ll know for sure.

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