Updates, Christmas-y And Otherwise

I’m sitting in a hospital bed right now, typing this on my phone. My older son had his tonsils removed today and thankfully by now we are both okay and smiling again.

We are stuck here for another couple of days, so I wanted to check in with you.

It has been a rather harrowing experience letting my baby be wheeled off into the OR, but as I said, he’s fine. Still, not something I want to do again any time soon.
I am proud of my little man who was described as a “model patient” by the OR personnel and is very brave despite the pain he is in.

Christmas is around the corner, and now that the operation is over – having hung over me like a dark cloud for the past weeks – I finally start to be a bit excited about it.

Not that Christmas is my favorite holiday, if it were only me, I’d just ignore it and move on, but for the boys it is a huge thing (as it should be!) and I can’t wait to see their faces when the tree is lighted up, the gifts gleam under it and we sing carols as loudly and out of tune as possible.

This year we decided to not give them a number of small things, but just one for each. The one thing that they really want but think they never get since it is a big wish. For Paul it is a big Lego spaceship, for Niki a wooden store for playing salesman (I’m sure there is an English word for it, but I can’t find it right now, sorry) and selling his brother all kinds of wooden things for inflated prices. ;)

I find my fix for something beautiful this year not in all things smelly, but in the rich colours and textures of Hermès. I love spending the copious downtime I have here at the hospital browsing through images of scarves, bags and all kinds of pretties the orange house does so well.
Will I find something under the tree?
M has shown his generosity in NYC already of course, but maybe, just maybe I found a little something else for myself that I have coveted and searched for for years… maybe. :)

What are your plans for the coming holidays?
Will you be with family of friends?
Is Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanza or…) important to you?
Is there something beautiful and special for you under the tree this year?

As I type this, I am once more overwhelmed with gratitude for the life I have. The removing of filial tonsils is the worst of my worries and for that I am thankful.

I wish you a blessed holiday, as much fun, friends and food as you can take and as much luck, love and happiness as you can get.
And I wish you beauty all around you. It is what sustains our souls in the end.

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Dusty Iris – Review: Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse

By Tara

Tubereuse 1 is capricieuse by name and capricious by nature. It’s wonderfully unexpected.

Created by Gérald Ghislain and released in 2009, Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse is part of the Tuberose Trilogy collection.


According to the Histoires de Parfums website, Tubereuse 1 has the following pyramid structure:
Top notes: Tuberose, bergamot and saffron
Heart notes: Tuberose, iris and ylang ylang
Base notes: Tuberose, suede and cocoa

First off, despite what you see on the note list it’s not a tuberose heavy fragrance at all. It’s essentially a beguiling iris suede with saffron and hints of tuberose. It’s not nearly as straight forward as that though.

Tubereuse 1 is striking from the initial spray. The effect to start with is that of slightly sweet dust on leather.

The iris is powdery and grey, sprinkled with saffron and set against thick pile suede or a dusty antique leather-bound book.

There’s a rubbery note lurking in there too which is weird but not at all overwhelming. It’s like the faint smell of latex or perhaps it’s just tuberose in rubber mode.

Tubereuse 1 has a lived-in quality from the beginning which I find extremely attractive. It feels mussed-up and broken down, like its been rolling around on the attic floor. It’s the scent of battered ballet shoes dipped in powder.

Breaking Pointe

Unlike a lot of iris-centric perfumes, it feels warm thanks to the protective covering of suede.

In the heart I catch glimpses of bright white tuberose. Flashes of lightly indolic lushness that stand out against the grainy backdrop of iris, dust, saffron and suede.

The drydown is a musky iris suede with a fine layer of cosmetic powder and chocolate. Again, there’s also a lingering floralcy.

I think either gender could wear Tubereuse 1 well because it contains both masculine and feminine elements. It has a nice level of projection and good longevity.

As much I love it, I’m not sure I could wear it for long because sadly I find it heady after a while. My tolerance to even small amounts of tuberose is still low, but Tubereuse 1 is highly compelling. It’s my favourite so far from the Histoires de Parfums line.

It catches your eye, not caring that it isn’t conventionally beautiful. Flirting and sashaying in a shy. yet self-possessed way.

Often perfumes are boringly predictable, so I love how offbeat it is. It takes time to fully get to know and appreciate its individual charms.

Tubereuse 1 is a woman who doesn’t give away all her secrets on first try; she likes to tease. Not unlike burlesque icon Sally Rand and her famous feather fan routine, she smiles sweetly as she exposes herself a little at a time.


If you want a fragrance that will keep your attention, draw you in and keep you intrigued then I’d highly recommend getting to know Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse.

Have you tried Tubereuse 1? Do you love it too or would you have liked more tuberose?

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One of Us – Tama Blough Fundraiser

By Tara

The thing I love about perfume the most is not actually scent itself but the people it has brought into my life. Not just the amazing friends I’ve met but also those I only interact with online and the wider community as a whole. I feel very grateful to be part of this very special group of perfume people and I am touched by their kindness and generosity over and over again.

So when I heard that Tama Blough – perfume lover and Managing Editor for CaFleureBon – had been diagnosed with incurable cancer, I was very affected by it even though I’ve never had any direct contact with her. That’s because, quite simply, she is one of us.

Unsurprisingly the fragrance community swung into action at this sad news. A fellow long-time Now Smell This commenter, Nina Zolotow, set up a GiveForward campaign to raise the $20,000 needed to pay for Tama’s health care and living expenses. These funds will enable her to remain at home (with her cat Buster) for as long as possible.

Happily the response has been amazing so far but a final push is needed to reach the target.
The Editor of CaFleureBon, Michelyn Camen, also came up with a lovely idea to raise funds. She approached perfumer Tanja Bochnig to produce a limited edition April Aromatics fragrance in Tama’s honour.

The rose is Tama’s favourite flower so the perfume is fittingly called San Francisco Rose. It is an all-natural, high quality fragrance and by all accounts it is a beautiful, grown-up rose. All profits go towards the Fundraiser.


Ingredients: Rose Otto from Turkey, Rose absolute from Bulgaria, Orris Root from France, Hibiscus Seed from Ecuador, Tonka Bean from Brazil, Sandalwood from India, Patchouli from Sumatra and a touch of Oud from Saudi Arabia.

Price: $138.00 (111.00 Euros) for 30ml Eau de Parfum, available at April Aromatics.

So at this special time of year, please consider contributing to the GiveForward Fundraiser or purchasing San Francisco Rose for yourself or as a present for someone else.

If you’re a blogger please think about writing a post to raise awareness about Tama’s situation, not least because GiveForward will contribute $25 for every blog post (up to a maximum of $1,000).

A great big thank you in advance for any help you’re able to give.

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On The Wishlist – Mini-Reviews: Viktoria Minya Hedonist Iris, Hedonist Rose And Eau de Hongrie

By Sandra

Last year Viktoria Minya presented us with her first perfume – Hedonist. The original perfume in all of its honeyed opulence has had me lusting after a bottle since its debut. Now I am truly in trouble. Viktoria Minya has given us three new perfumes from which to choose and they are all covetable.

Hedonist Iris

“A romantic perfume for a graceful woman who cares for sensual luxury. The essence of this pure fragrance is the most expensive natural raw material of all – iris butter. Its cool elegance is laced with tantalizing notes of cocoa and blackcurrant absolute and crowned by a fine blend of musks.”


This is an elegant iris perfume. It opens up with a blast of citrus and blackcurrant which I love. Then the iris slowly moves in and tempers this invigorating start. It a cross between a cool and a warm iris. The blackcurrant is present throughout which makes the perfume have a somewhat juicy quality. It finishes off on a bed of musks which makes it smooth and comforting. Hedonist Iris is an iris that I can also wear in the winter. It is long lasting and comes in a bottle like the original Hedonist perfume but with clear crystals at the bottom of the flacon.

Hedonist Rose

“An audacious perfume for a woman who recognizes the strength and allure of her own femininity, dominated by the most noble natural raw material – rose oil. The voluptuous body of this sensual elixir is tempered with the aroma of white wine and light ambery notes. “


The perfume opens up with a blast of citrus and rose. The sour notes are sweetened and the rose shines. I can see that this can be an idea of a perfectly chilled white wine. The later stages is when I come to love this perfume. It becomes rounder and slightly sweeter with a touch of amber. It is by no means a gourmand though. The drydown is a beautiful musky rose which envelopes me in rays of sunshine. Just wonderful. Longevity is excellent.

Hedonist Rose comes in a bottle like the original Hedonist perfume but this time adorned with pink crystals.

Eau de Hongrie

“This modern version of ’Eau de la Reine de Hongrie’ is inspired by the most noble of Hungarian dessert wines, the world famous Tokaji Essence. Delicate notes of honey and jasmine are crowned by smooth sandalwood to create a rich, enchanting fragrance.”


Eau de Hongrie is inspired by Tokaji wine which if I remember correctly is a lovely sweet white wine which is what I used to like. The perfume opens with sweetened citruses with undertones of honey and a bit of spice. It mesmerizes me from the get go drawing me in for a closer sniff. The jasmine is so delicate and with the honey-citrus-spice combo the perfume gives me a sense of warmth by a fire. I adore the bottle design and love this cozy perfume.

All three perfumes are wonderful additions to the Viktoria Minya line. I am whispering to Santa for any one of the four perfumes.


Have you tried any of these perfumes? Which perfumes have you whispering to Santa or your gift giver?

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Monday Question – What Are Your Favorite Delicate Perfumes?

A reader recently asked me about my favorite gentle, delicate scents. As she is pregnant right now, she can’t go for her usual beloved oriental bombs any longer, so she hoped for tips.

We thought it would be a good idea to bring this question to you all.

What perfumes are especially tender, light, gentle and soft?

Which delicate fragrances can you recommend?


My Answer:

My light and gentle perfumes are the ones I use almost exclusively right now, so that is an easy one for me.

Light citrus scents, cloud-like powdery confections and soft, warm muscs are my idea of delicate.

Il Profumo Nuda is one such tender scent that never overwhelms and always comforts.

Hermès has, thanks to Jean-Claude Ellena’s gentle and clear sensibilites, a huge array of light perfumes, so I recommend many of the Hermessences and most of the mainstream line (let’s pick Jardin Sur Le Nil and Santal Massoia as special mentions today).

Chanel Eau de Cologne is a wonderfully uplifting option that is gentle but bright and happy and never inappropriate.

Musc Nomade is my favorite gentle musk for its unobtrusive skin scent quality.

What are your top five delicate perfumes?

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How To Sell Oranges – An Education

By The Husband

Let me take you on a journey through the inner workings of a fictitious high-end store selling leather goods as well as silk products.

As not to risk a libel suit (the store would be able to hire some top lawyers just using the money spent on scarves by me, whereas I could only supply an army of lawyers with silk scarves instead of paying them) we will call this store “Mercurius”.


My dear wife and I have made it a point to visit every Mercurius store in any city we visited together as a kind of sport.

In 2014, those cities were Paris (5 locations plus 2 airport stores) and New York City (3 locations plus one airport store).

At first I wasn’t too into it and didn’t pay as much attention as I should have, but after a few visits a distinct pattern began to emerge.

You may think it is pure coincidence who will walk up to you and try to lure you into spending a ridiculous amount of money for yet another piece of cloth – well made and nice to look at, I admit, but in all honesty, how many necks do you have to keep warm – but I assure you it is not.

There are 4 types of sales assistants in the Mercurius stores:

a) The older well dressed female SA.

b) The young female SA, who is just as well dressed, but would probably look just as stunning in a costume from Les Misèrables.

c) The gay male well dressed SA.

d) The straight male well dressed SA.

When you walk into the store, the decision on who will talk to you must be made in an instant judging the following criteria:

a) Your gender.

b) Your age.

c) Your sexual orientation and last but not least:

d) Your willingness to buy, judged by Mercurius items you are already wearing.

As this vetting process may be hard to understand at first I have created a flow chart to familiarize you with the way Mercurius works.

Here is the flow chart. An explanation of the final decision process is provided in footnotes.

*1 customer will buy no matter what and wants to spend time with a peer

*2 customer needs a mother-figure to tell her what looks good and what to buy

*3 customer will buy no matter what and wants to spend time with a peer

*4 customer needs a non-competition friend to tell her what looks good and what to buy

*5 not that there’s anything wrong with it

*6 it would be a miracle if nothing was sold

*7 it would be a miracle if nothing was sold

*8 the sale is made to him, he’s used to buying

*9 the sale is made to her – hence see *2

*10 the sale is made to him, but the SA is no competition for the female

*11 the sale is made to her, but the SA is no competition to anybody

*12 there’s no competition, just good taste

*13 there’s no competition, just good taste

*14 selling fancy usb-sticks

Now that you have studied the flowchart you have the opportunity to shop with the SA you like or avoid any type of SA you do not like. (Disclaimer: some necessary measures may be drastic and may include change of age, gender and sexual orientation).

In case I am wrong and it is all just coincidence, and you, good people of Mercurius, read this, just give it a try. And if it works, you can always send a few tokens of your appreciation (preferably bacon and donuts silk and leather (Ed. Note) ).

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Salud! – Review: Carner Barcelona El Born

By Tara

Why haven’t I been to Barcelona? There’s really no excuse. I would love to take in the Gaudi architecture, visit the Picasso Museum and wander along Las Ramblas. Thanks to Carner Barcelona, I now have another destination in the Spanish city to add to my list…

The district of El Born is one of the oldest sectors of Barcelona, dating back to medieval times. The Gothic church, Santa Maria del Mar, was built in the 14th century and jousting contests used to be held in the main square.


Today its cobbled labyrinth of streets are the fashionable place to be. By day it’s a shopper’s paradise with its many high-end boutiques, while by night the streets are filled with trendy young things spilling out of the many restaurants, cafés and bars.

To reflect the neighbourhood, perfumer Jacques Huclier set out to combine the old and the new for the fragrance El Born. Released in 2014, the notes feature lemon, bergamot, angelica, honey, fig, heliotrope, benzoin, jasmine, vanilla, Peru balsam, sandalwood and musk.


El Born starts with the party in full swing. A warm, deep, honeyed booze accord immediately sets the mood for good times. It’s the alcohol of a deep, dark spirit like malt whisky. The citrus accents are just a garnish, like fruit slices floating in a glass.

In addition to the liquor there’s the delicious crunch of praline. To begin with, El Born is a drink and a dessert rolled into one. Perhaps a Crêpe Suzette flambéed in liqueur. It’s rich and intoxicating with a sticky, viscous consistency.

Once the alcohol has evaporated, it settles into a heart of Peru balsam, vanilla and benzoin. It’s sweet but the curls of wood smoke take the edge off. El Born is great for those of us who prefer our vanilla accords dark and roughed up.

After a couple of hours it mellows to a balsamic, burnt sugar crust and stays that way for the rest of its duration. It leaves an appetising scent trail in its wake and has excellent lasting power.

This all makes El Born a must-try for those who like fragrances with a caramelised, toasted or almost burnt character such as Parfumerie Generale’s Aomassai.

It would be ideal for cosying up with during chilly, damp weather. I can imagine gourmand fans finding it very moreish, particularly those who appreciate a darker take.

Although I doubt I’ll ever be much of a gourmand lover, I admire every stage of El Born’s development from the alcohol soaked praline with citrus, to the smoky vanilla heart and down into the base of caramelised balsams.


Each part fits the whole perfectly, making it well rounded and very satisfying.

Why not read Olfactoria’s reviews of some of the other fragrances in the line (D600, Tardes, Rima XI) and explore Barcelona for yourself.

Are you familiar with Carner Barcelona? Which are the stand-out scents in the line for you?

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(Her-)Mèsmerized In New York City – Olfactoria Travelled

I am a lucky woman in so many respects. The most fabulous one of them all though is surely my husband. (I know Portia would agree! ;) )

The good husband works like a madman during the week – and often the weekends too – to keep us well-fed and clothed but he also endeavours to make us happy. One way to do that is going on a trip to one of my favorite cities (along with London) in the world – New York.

A few days in NY are an infusion of vigour, youth, beauty, culture and sheer glee that holds over for a long time, even when routine and daily drudgery have us firmly back in their claws.

We started off on Thursday morning after saying Goodbye to our boys at their respective institutions of learning from which my dear parents in law would later pick them up and feed and put them to bed at their house for the next five days. Yes, I am lucky in that respect as well.

Our takeoff in Vienna was delayed by one and a half hours as our plane had to be exchanged for reasons of mechanical failure. Well, I say it is a good thing they clocked that problem before we were in the air! It was the only glitch on an otherwise perfect trip.

We arrived at JFK later than expected, but well rested as we were flying first class (Love those airmiles! Lucky again! :) ). We picked up our rental car and were off upstate to Woodbury Commons, the biggest outlet center in the States. Black Friday sales are so unbelievable, we went home with a year’s worth of clothing for the boys and ourselves for under 500$.

The next day, after a stop at Target (which must sound rather ridiculous for American readers, but it is really lovely to go there if you don’t always get the chance, I love buying groceries and toiletries I can’t get here), we drove to the city, got rid of our car and checked in at The Algonquin.

algonquin outside

Yes, The Algonquin! A adore this hotel ever since I read my first New Yorker Magazine, or Anne Sexton’s biography… a house with such rich literary history fascinates me and I was very excited to be staying there. They have a cat named Matilda who lives in the lobby and she knows she is a queen the way she behaves. I have never met a more arrogant cat, but in a good way, you know cats… ;)


That first night in the city, Friday, we met with Daisy (Cool Cook Style) in the West Village to have dinner at a fantastic Asian Fusion restaurant called Red Farm. The food was amazing and we had plenty of it. Daisy is dangerous when it comes to food, she can’t be trusted not to order one of each off the menu and totally loses her cool when the artfully styled courses arrive. I love Daisy!

Photo collage by Daisy

Photo collage by Daisy

The next day we met with Portia (Australian Perfume Junkies), Gaia and her husband (The Non-Blonde), Daisy, Joshua (the Smelly Vagabond) and Ari (The Scents Of Self) and a bunch of lovely OT readers (Hi hajusuuri, Fleur de Lys, Poodle! Thanks so much for coming!) at Osswald Perfumery in SoHo. Josie was the lovely host there and it was great fun, although the oud concentration in the air was worth at least a few hundred bucks! Fresh air never felt so good! ;)

The evening saw a dinner with Portia and her crew, Daisy and Hajusuuri at The Empire Diner. Again, Daisy flipped her lid when food arrived at the table. Never seen a cuter (and more unsettling at the same time!) sight. The woman really is a foodie through and through. Have I mentioned that I love Daisy?

Speaking of food: we had the best, best, best ever burger of our lives (and there have been a few!) at Shake Shack in Grand Central Station. It was awe-inspiring indeed. (Slowly I start getting Daisy’s enthusiasm…)

alan cumming

On Sunday afternoon came the absolute highlight of our trip: the matinée show of Cabaret at Studio 54 starring Alan Cumming. I have always been a fan of his work (Eli Gold anyone?), but now I am ready to be a groupie. Alan was masterful in his performance as the EmCee, Emma Stone in the role of Sally Bowles also really impressed us and my previously musical-hating husband was so enticed he had to use the f-word repeatedly: Fantastic! Fabulous! Phenomenal!

Totally high from this wonderful experience we went for a repeat performance of the great Shake Shack Burger and then back to the hotel.

What I have totally left out of my tale so far was the great Hermès Hunt Of 2014.

True to form we went to all three Manhattan boutiques (Madison Ave, Wall Street and the Grand Central station pop-up store called The Silk Bar) as well as the airport duty-free in search of a specific scarf.

photo 2 (19)

This one. Tapis Persans twill plume 140×140 in cw09.

And all that although I had already cleverly engineered for meeting my upcoming scarf needs from back home by having Daisy order one online and send it to the Madison boutique and M having his friend Dan do the same from New Hampshire. So two gorgeous 90×90 scarves made their way into my collection.

This one: De la Mer au Ciel


And this one: Mythiques Phoenix

Photo by MaiTai

Photo by MaiTai

The funny thing is that M really enjoyed the hunt. I guess this is what Hermès is really good at, make you sweat for it (not only pay through the nose, no that would be too easy!). But it also makes it special, since every scarf holds a specific story of how it came to me.

And this also brings us around to where we started this long post today: I am lucky to have my husband. Thank you, M!

And many thanks to you, dear readers for sticking with me through a thousand words, none of which was perfume. ;)

B xx

P.S.: Look out for a post by The Husband on Friday! The guy is really funny… ;)


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The 7 Virtues by Barb Stegemann

Hello Olfactoria’s Travelers,

Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse with you as we rush headlong into holiday/gift giving season.

Even if you are not religious December in the western world, and increasingly in the eastern world too is about big business booming to the sound of gift shopping. If you’re anything like me it works out at a ratio of 3 to 1. For every three gifts I buy for others I see something I MUST HAVE IMMEDIATELY. In the spirit of giving I think I should treat myself for a year well lived, zip goes the credit card and fssst goes my savings. Familiar?

Barb stegeman ShoppingChannelPhoto Stolen ShoppingChannel

Right! This year I have done something I think is really special for some of my close girlfriends and a couple of the guys. After being given Barb Stegmann’s book about creating The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc a while back I got in touch to buy some from her. What an incredible woman, took time to respond to my enquiries, let me buy books and asked for names so she could inscribe each gift.

Afghanistan Orange Blossom The 7 Virtues FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Afghanistan orange blossom, jasmine, freesia

“Each time we purchase essential oils distilled from legal crops, we are doing our part to provide alternatives to the illegal poppy crop”

Barb Stegemann, CEO The 7 Virtues

The story covers her life leading up to the moment she went onto the Dragon’s Den and then onto her work with creating a new set of crops for people who have previously been working for the Taliban cropping heroin poppies. This plucky Canadian woman decided to create a perfume company that sources its ingredients from war torn and poverty stricken countries, give women the knowledge to grow these crops and then help open schools for the girls who in many instances have never had any schooling. Barb is trying to break the world’s current terror by breaking the poverty and ignorance cycle. Economics in action to create positive change. Awe-inspiring on so many levels.

Patchouli of Rwanda The 7 Virtues FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Blood grapefruit, cedar, hibiscus, freesia, patchouli

“Thanks for branding your perfume Patchouli of Rwanda, for honouring our country the widows & orphans who produce the oil.”

Nicholas Hitimana, Ikirezi, Rwanda

The 7 Virtues site has stories, you can purchase the fragrances and see what’s going on in Barb Stegemann’s world.

Yes, $250 looks like a lot of money but you’d probably spend $65 on your family or friends anyway, right? Buy a set and you’ll have 5 of your family covered, a book for yourself and everyone gets to tell a REAL CHRISTMAS STORY of giving and change. Even if you are not religious, this is a story that should be told again and again, every day. How cool to tell this story at the Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, table and have everyone deeply impressed. Who can resist feeling like they are involved in making the world a better place.

Thank everything that there are people like Barb Stegemann.

Make Perfume Not War.

Portia xx


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Monday Question – What Would You Do With Your Collection If You Couldn’t Use It?

Imagine you have accumulated a rather sizable collection of perfume over the years.

Imagine you have a treasured closet full of gorgeous bottles holding precious fragrant liquids each holding a story, a memory or simply just smell freaking good to you.

So far I think everyone is with me, no need to imagine much at this point, as all of you have a collection of at least two bottles.

Now imagine that you cannot use your collection anymore. No matter the reason, but imagine it is a permanent issue that makes it impossible for you to keep on wearing your perfumes.

What would you do?

Would you sell it? Get rid of it all as to not remind you of things you’d rather forget?

Would you keep it? (And risk letting it go bad?)

Would you sell a few, give away a few and keep a few, no matter what?

Or would you do something else entirely?



My Answer:

As you, dear constant readers, know, I can’t wear the majority of my perfumes anymore because of my asthma which seems to be settled in for good (as far as my doctor is concerned the chances for it to completely recede are slim to non-existent).

So I am faced by a beautifully stocked closet of perfumes that seem to mock me every day. I still wear perfume (take it from me over my dead body!), but it is a select few that I can tolerate in homeopathic doses. The vast majority sits there usused and unloved (yes, unloved, since my subconscious mind seems to want to blame them!).

Help me today! What shall I do with my collection? I would see it as a real shame to see them go to waste unused.

Shall I do a blog sale? Would you be interested?

I have given away some bottles already, but local fumies are quite a rare breed…

What would you do if it were you?

P.S.: My New York Story is coming up on Wednesday! Be sure to pop in!

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