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Monday Question – What Is Your Favorite 2014 Perfume Release So Far?

So many launches, too many to know them all, we know, we complain, but in the end we are still excited about new perfumes to smell, new scented experiences to make and new lines to explore. 2014 is half way … Continue reading

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French Summer – Review: Jul Et Mad Aqua Sextius

By Sandra Julien and Madalina are the beautiful couple behind the relatively new perfume brand Jul et Mad, one of my favorite newcomers in the field of perfumery. They are sharing their love story with us through the launch of … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Madalina Stoica and Julien Blanchard Of Jul Et Mad

Today the couple behind the new niche brand Jul et Mad, Julien Blanchard and Madalina Stoica have graciously agreed to answer my questionnaire. Julien and Madalina have met on the streets of Paris, fell in love and eventually decided to … Continue reading

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Love Smolders – Review: Jul Et Mad Amour de Palazzo

By Sandra Jul et Mad’s final chapter in their evolving love story is called Amour de Palazzo. I say evolving because I sure am hoping that they will continue in this vein. Romance and love drew me to this brand … Continue reading

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Carrie, Springtime And I – Review: Jul Et Mad Stilettos On Lex

By Sandra When I first smelled Jul et Mad’s Stilettos on Lex I actually giggled. Strange reaction to have, but truth be told, it was a giggle of joy at having the opportunity to smell such a beautiful perfume and … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Niche Brand Are You Most Curious About Right Now?

There are so many new brands emerging left and right, stay away from the internet for a few weeks and you seem to have missed about 50 launches. It is impossible to keep up and I don’t even try (or … Continue reading

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