Body Lotions – Who, What, Where, Why?

Hi there OT,

Portia, all the way from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse

Lately I have been using the Amouage Body Lotion 10oz pump packs. They are thick, rich and creamy, smell sensational and create a fabulous base for their matching Amouage scents and other fragrances. Should you wish to be scent whisper then you can wear them alone for a lovely soft focus scent experience that plays very close to the body. A wonderful work choice or sleep choice. MMMMM…

Body Lotions. Who. What. Where. Why.

Amouage Epic Woman Amouage lotion Libertine ParfumeriePhoto Stolen Libertine

At the moment I have less than a fifth of my bottle left and as it’s my third Amouage Body Lotion in a row I was thinking I might have a change of pace for my next one. Epic is really good because its a soft woody amber that fits under loads of my favourite fragrances. I also have open a Madonna Truth or Dare lotion for my white floral days. When I want something scent free I find a drop of Grape Seed Oil good.

So today I wanted your help and your opinions on the best Body Lotions in the business. What do you wear and why? It doesn’t have to be expensive or from the most lavish cream house. My MUST list reads like this:

    1. Feel lovely and creamy
    2. Smell good but not so strong that my choice of fragrance will be ruined, preferable something that is like the vanilla, woods, resin or musk dry down of most fragrances
    3. Sink in to my skin within 3 minutes of application so it doesn’t gum up my clothes
    4. Be in an easy access container. One thing I love about the Amouage is the pump pack.

No glass please, I moisturise in the bathroom barefoot.

Please leave me your favourite that fits these categories in the comments.

Portia xx


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34 Responses to Body Lotions – Who, What, Where, Why?

  1. cookie queen says:

    I use Vaseline Intensive Moisturising Body Cream Unscented. Plastic container with pump. Absolutely the best for me. Ticks all your boxes except it doesn’t smell. I cannot bear scented body lotions. Bussis.

  2. Olfactoria says:

    I usea Roche Posay Lipikar Baume AP+ which is lovely and creamy and best of all unscented.
    Diptyque’s orange blossom scented Lotion Frais is lovely for summer nights though.

  3. willa says:

    L’occitane, Portia! 🙂 Amande milk concentrate. It’s perfection. Only downside is that some people find the fragrance a bit too strong/long lasting.

  4. Perthgirl says:

    Hey Portia, have you tried any of the Aesop body products? On the pricey side but I think they are all beautiful.
    Mor also have a new range, at Myer, DJ’s etc.. I have the tuberose one and the verbena one, to go under tuberose and fresh scents respectively. Tuberose number enough for their own group 🙂
    For an everyday mousturiser when i dont really want scent, a tub of LUSH Dream Cream. All natural, non greasy, calming and one of the few products I buy repeatedly.
    Im not sure how versatile the fragrances are, but Acqua di Parma also make top quality body products. And none of these are glass. (I know what you mean- I cringe everytime I use my Caudalie Divine Oil!)
    I have the body butter of Lyric, and have been wanting Epic for ages. May have to splurge, as slathering myself in that smell just sounds divine 🙂

    • Hey there PerthGirl,
      I have tried some Aesop and I liked them but nothing sang to me, maybe I should go back and retry. At the time I was passing on my way to something else and the SA gave me a bit of cream in each hand. I didn’t really take much notice to be fair.
      LUSH Dream Cream? Is it scented?
      Portia xx

  5. Perthgirl says:

    Hey Portia, I just wrote a very detailed response that WordPress ate. Grr.
    Anyway, my list was:
    Aesop. All fantastic.
    Mor new range, the tuberose and verbena ones came home with me.
    Acqua di Parma make awesome body products, but dont know how versatile the scents would be.
    For unscented, all natural, great quality, LUSH Dream Cream. Just like it says on the tub.
    All great, no glass 🙂

    • Perthgirl says:

      Oh look, it was returned by the WordPress pixies. See how shitty the 2nd one looks in comparison?! 😉

  6. Jackie b says:

    Hello Portia, you have already discovered my all time favourite…Epic lotion, it makes your skin so smooth and smells divine. Mor Marshmallow lotion in plastic pump also lives in my bathroom, husband tells me I smell like a musk stick when I get into bed!
    I also love Bottega Veneta body cream but it is in glass. Perhaps the lotion is in a plastic bottle?

    • Hey JackieB,
      Oh yes, the Epic Lotion is well named.
      We have a problem with Musk Sticks in this house. They smells exactly like the soap that Jin used when he was a child. Whenever I eat them he gets a dreamy expression but when he succumbs and eats one it’s instant revulsion. I think he may have had his mouth washed out a few times.
      Portia xx

  7. Sandra says:

    Hiya Portia! Ahh Amouage body lotion – sounds divine. I have to have a deeper look into them. I use Eucerin AtopiControl and I totally understand your need for a pump dispenser. xo

  8. anitathepianist says:

    For most of my life I’ve used Lubriderm. It’s made by a pharmaceutical company, not a cosmetic one. The best scented lotion that I know of is YSL’s “Nu” body butter..It smells so good that nothing else matters. Most of my friends use Nivea, and it is good for dry skin especially.

  9. hajusuuri says:

    I only use fragrance-free body lotion or body butters. I like Cetaphil Restoraderm which comes in a plastic pump bottle; the price per bottle can vary widely between big box stores so I usually pounce when there’s a good deal or if I have a coupon. Clinique makes Deep Comfort Body Butter which comes in a twist open jar — I normally prefer pumps but this one is OH SO GOOD – you must try it. I will never use Philosophy Unscented Body Lotion again because I am allergic to something in it. Also, while I like the idea of using shea butter lotion, most smell too fatty.

  10. Alice says:

    For unscented, I like the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter, but have latterly been trying a few scented ones. The Molton Brown Patchouli and Saffron is good under patchouli perfumes, or on its own at work (keep some in my desk). I also like their Japanese orange which has some spice notes. They have a wide range at a fairly reasonable price.

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