A Roman Secret – Review: Bruno Acampora Musc Oil

By Sandra

A secret was passed on to me last year when I was in Rome and silly me did not stop and listen. Sweet words were spoken in hushed tones about this magic elixir that will keep me and those around me alert and yet comforted. It was hyped up to be warm, intoxicating, sensual and also comforting. Was I intrigued? Of course.

acampora musc

Reverently the sales assistant showed me the metal vial holding Bruno Acampora’s Musc and let me smell the cork lid. I liked it well enough but for some reason or another I did not want to test it on my skin. In all honesty the smell from the cork lid was pleasant enough but nothing of what was promised.

These words kept whispering to me over the course of the year. In fact they haunted me and even entered into my dreams. I dreamt of a skin scent which lasts for the better half of a day but with low sillage. Something for me alone! It seemed almost too perfect to be true. At some point during the course of last year I bought a sample pack of Bruno Acampora’s essential line of oils.

The samples are housed in a metal silver toned tin (sounds horrendous but is actually quite elegant). Seven small glass vials contained the smallest amount of oil. Gingerly I pulled the top open and swiped an ever so little amount onto my wrist. My first impression was unremarkable as I could barely smell the Musc oil. So back to the cupboard of samples it went and I had considered the whole experience moot.

Fast forward to the other night when I was sitting down and watching The Great Beauty. It is quintessentially Italian and the cinematography and music simply stunning. Have you seen the movie? It is an artistic movie in an existential nature full of gorgeous and hideous people, stunning shots and fun music and it all ended up being addictive, intoxicating in a way – drawing me in wanting to know more.

I quickly ran to my cupboard and pulled out Musc again, this time however, using a proper amount of oil on my pulse points. I wanted to finally understand what this perfume is about. It goes on thick and immediately this time around I got the vegetal earthy beginning of the perfume and wondered why I had so casually dismissed this before.

About an hour in the cloves come in and warm the entire composition up. This is when I fall madly in love with the stunning perfume. There is a bit of rose, jasmine and violet all swirling on a bed of musk and cloves. This is in my humble opinion totally unisex and could easily be worn by a man due to the spices. About 10 hours in I get a beautiful sandalwood and vanilla mix combined with the musk. At this point it is very much a skin scent and one has to lean in quite a bit to get a good sniff. This perfume lasts well past the 12 hour mark and I could still smell traces of it in the morning.

Musc is a rich, spicy and sexy perfume. It is definitely intoxicating and hypnotizing and has me quite dazed. It transforms beautifully through the day. This sends me to another world that has me dancing and celebrating and living in the Mediterranean climate. I have on my stilettos and don my deep dark red lipstick and I am part of the party hypnotizing those around me with my wit, glamour and perfume.

Now I have to decide when I should buy the bottle – now or in Rome in the summer. Perhaps I will wait until Rome so that this can be associated with my fond memories of the trip. On a side note, this also layers beautifully. So far I have layered it with Indult Tihota and Jul et Mad Terrasse a St. Germain. It is the best musk perfume that I have tried.

Have you tried Acampora’s Musc? Do you wear the oil or the Eau de Bruno? Do you ever layer it with a second musc? What is your favorite musc perfume?


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36 Responses to A Roman Secret – Review: Bruno Acampora Musc Oil

  1. cookie queen says:

    Impressive!! Hmmmm. Must try. xxx

  2. Hey Sandra,
    I have Blu in EdP. I was scared to buy an oil for some reason. Maybe because I like the whole theatre of the spritz, the glamour overtones.
    You have me intrigued, lovely review.
    Portia xx

    • Sandra says:

      Thank you Portia. Blu is wonderful. I have only tried the oil though. Let me know what you think when you try Musc. Xo

  3. poodle says:

    I’ve had musk on my mind lately so this is a timely post. I was thinking I haven’t ever really properly explored musk scents. I’m not much into skin scents though so this doesn’t tempt me too much but I do like to layer things so maybe it might be worth a try for that reason.

    • Sandra says:

      I must admit that I just starting to explore musk scents. Who knows – maybe the EdP is not as much a skin scent as the oil. I will try the EdP one of these days. Have fun exploring!

  4. Lady Jane Grey says:

    I like musc. A lot. And Acampora’s oil sounded excellent – up until you mentioned the clove. Oh, no ! I can’t do clove, not even in my Christmas Cookies. Sigh.

  5. It’s funny when we dismiss something only to come back and it becomes a love. I seem to do it every now and then with a sample.

    • Sandra says:

      So true. It has happened now twice this year. And I thought I was going to be able to go through the first two quarters without buying anything…

  6. Suzanne says:

    Sandra, I particularly enjoyed your review because of your mention of the film, The Great Beauty, as I’ve been thinking about watching it … read a review of it that had me intrigued, but then moved onto another film. Now, upon your mention of it, I’ll definitely see it.

    As far as the Bruno Acampora musc, it really didn’t wow me when I tried it. (I ordered a sample from LuckyScent and am trying to remember if it was the oil or the edp, but can’t recall which one.) I will stick with Serge Lutens MKK, which is perfection to me as far as musks go, but still I enjoyed your review!

    • Sandra says:

      Suzanne I hope you enjoy the movie. Knowing your love for Rome, you will hopefully be drawn in with the cinematography. Serge Lutens MKK is wonderful indeed and in the heat too.

  7. shylotus says:

    I love your review, Sandra. I’ve been wanting to see The Great Beauty for some time now! I have the Acamporia Musc perfume and, by far, it is my favorite musk. It’s perfectly animalic (I feel somehow the clove adds to this sexiness) but not too much so, as I found MKK to be.
    My other go to musks are Keiko Mecheri’s Musc and Micallef’s Royal Muska (a very sweet musk). Thanks for the idea of layering it. I’ll try that!

  8. Sandra says:

    I enjoyed The Great Beauty but there are others who did not like the movie at all. You are definitely right in saying that the clove adds to its sexy feel. Thank you for the musk perfume tips. I liked Keiko Mecheri and will now have to try the Micallef as I love the brand.

  9. Tara says:

    Sandra, it was so nice to read about Musc the way it should smell. The oil was an epic fail on me. Portia said it was like mushrooms on my skin. Not exactly sexy! I’m glad it worked like a dream on you. Save buying it till Rome. It is a city of lovers after all 🙂

    • Sandra says:

      Oh poor you – no, mushrooms are not a sexy smell. I will wait until Rome and have the memories. Thanks Tara.

  10. Sandra, I have practically devoured my sample of the oil. I don’t feel ready to splurge yet, but it is probably my favorite musk together with the one by Lorenzo Villoresi. Whenever I decide to purchase a musk fragrance, it will be one of those two.


  11. musk smells so Spring-like! I will try to find this one. xx

  12. Cybele says:

    Hi, lovely review! I like Clair de Musc by Serge Lutens, Acca Kappa White Moss, and the discontinued Narciso Rodriguez Musc Oil For Him. I also quite enjoyed Musc Samarkand by Les Nereides- I think it’s also discontinued. I have a sample of Bruno Acampora and also get a lot of mushroom- if my sample really contains Musc Oil. I am always wondering because I don’t get any of the nice descriptions…

    • Sandra says:

      Lovely list of perfumes. I must go out and try to find them. Such a shame that you get only mushroom with Acampora Musc.

  13. I think I might have had a sample of this one, but I’m not sure if I still do. Must check! My favorite musks are Musc Ravageur and Mona di Orio Nuit Noire.

  14. Bruno Acampora’s Musc is one of my favorites, but as I prefer my fragrances in spray form, I like the EdP in it’s cool metal can! I also found that BA Musc layers beautifully with Tihota! It probably layers beautifully with a lot of other scents too, I just haven’t gotten around to testing them yet. But I will try it with Terrasse à St. Germain. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Sandra says:

      Actually I got the idea from you to layer it with Tihota. Then I just continued. I will try the EdP as well while in Rome. Thanks for the tips.

      • Apologies for forgetting! I didn’t remember that I had left that comment on your review of Tihota! Chalk it up to old age! But do let me know what you think of the EdP! I’m curious to how it stacks up against the oil. I am also very found of BA Volubilis . . .

  15. Tora says:

    I adored The Great Beauty! Such a beautiful, trippy,poignant, elegant, surreal, fantastical film! As for the Musc, I am on my second bottle. It is my default summer fragrance. I am so glad you gave it another try!!

    • Sandra says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the movie! Your description of it nails it. Now that you mention it is a summer fragrance for you – I can’t wait to try it in some heat.

  16. shuvanidev says:

    I’ve had my sample of Bruno Acampora Musc Oil forever and just haven’t had a chance to try it, but I am going to do so tonight. You hooked me at violet. I actually got the sample after hearing a glowing video review of it and then, well…… my favorite musk fragrance up to this point had been Musc Ravageur.

  17. Sandra says:

    I hope you like it. I think the oil develops over 12 hours beautifully – morphing along the way.

  18. Alexia says:

    I find that the best way of enjoying Acampora’s Musc is the Extrait, in its golden natural spray bottle…the best of both worlds: pure as the Essence but practical like the Eau de Bruno. Pity Luckyscent does not sell it, but MIN NY has it on its e-shop!

  19. rprichpot says:

    Just got a sample of this. Immediate love. Must have. Absolutely gorgeous!😍

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