Fragrant Bliss On Italian Shores – A Quick Buon Giorno!

I am still lounging by the pool while writing this, but I wanted to share my blissed out state of perfumed contentment with all of you.

On our trip to Venice (more about all of it to follow once I’m home), I found a gorgeous perfume to make me happy.

The very Italian Santa Maria Novella Vaniglia is hitting all my fragrance-related buttons. Warm, cosy, elegant, deep, scrumptious and utterly delightful, Vaniglia is exactly the kind of deep, dark vanilla I have been looking for.

On another note, yesterday my blog hit 1 Million visits. I’m quite floored by that number actually and incredibly happy and grateful to all of you who visit, read or comment. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart!

See you soon,
B xx



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41 Responses to Fragrant Bliss On Italian Shores – A Quick Buon Giorno!

  1. Lavanya says:

    Glad you are having a lovely time Birgit. That photo of the boys is just perfect! They are adorable.

    Oh and Congrats on the 1 million hits!!

  2. cookie queen says:

    1,000,000???? Let’s celebrate by sharing your new vanilla fragrance!!

  3. shylotus says:

    Congratulations, Birgit! Very well deserved. I love your style. The boys didn’t look like they had any fun .. not a bit!! 😉
    Safe travels..

  4. Jordan River says:

    A million kisses to you. Lounge on.

  5. Tara says:

    So happy for your blissed out perfume state. Of course you have sent me into a googling lemming frenzy 🙂

    Wonderful, joyful pic. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and many congrats on a well deserved 1m hits.

  6. Tora says:

    Ditto with Tara on the googling lemming frenzy! Your boys look so happy! Keep having a wonderful vacation!

  7. Tora says:

    Oh and P.S. Congratulations on a million visits!

  8. CC says:

    One million, wow! Congratulations! I am so glad you’re enjoying your holiday and look forward to seeing the beautiful photos … Oh, and all about that one perfume in Venezia. 🙂

  9. ringthing says:

    Congratulations on the million! Keep lounging and enjoying 🙂

  10. Darilyn says:

    Count me in on the lemming frenzy!

  11. Nina says:

    Brava bella signora!! 1 Million molto bene!! I sure do wish I was in Italia!

  12. vintagefrenchchic says:

    1 million is incredible…congratulations! Sounds like you are having a beautiful vacation as well. Can’t wait to hear about Venice. One of my all time favorite movies is “Bread and Tulips”…through that movie I have visited Venice many times. Enjoy!!

  13. Congratulations on one million views, dear Birgit! I look forward to hearing more about your trip soon.

  14. janeykate says:

    one million view, that’s amazing! Well done!

  15. ONE MILLION!! You deserve every one Birgit. Enjoy your holiday and new fragrance,
    Portia (Jin is snoring HELLO from the other room)

  16. Vanessa says:

    Love me a good vanilla perfume! Well, all but the most dark and treacly sort, certainly.

    The boys look so full of beans – glad they are still letting you lounge around – I am sure you need it…:-)

    And many congratulations on the million milestone!

  17. poodle says:

    A state of perfumed contentment sounds like a perfect vacation. Enjoy your time with your family. They grow up too fast. Also, congrats on 1 million hits!

  18. Undina says:

    Keep enjoying your vacation and come back to start climbing the next million (very impressive!!!).

  19. Suzanne says:

    Congratulations on hitting the one million mark, Birgit! I’d love to know how many of those visits are mine … lots and lots, I think, because I love it here. 🙂

    (As clearly many readers do … for once I’m in with the in crowd!) 😉

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