Belle Of The Ball – Review: Frapin 1270

After the sheer adoration that the most recent Duchaufour creation 1697 for Frapin unleashed in me, I wanted to further explore the line of fragrances this house primarily known for Cognac, produces.

I tried Terre de Sarment, Fruits Boisée and 1270, as those were the only three available in Vienna.

1270 impressed me enough to beg for a sample.

Frapin 1270 is named after the year the Frapin family established itself in the Cognac region of France as distillers. The perfume was created by Beatrice Cointreau, the great granddaughter of Pierre Frapin. Notes include exotic woods, spice, raisin, vine flowers, pepper, candied orange, nut, hazelnut, prune, cocoa, coffee, leather, woods, white honey and vanilla. (source Luckyscent)

“Together with Frapin’s Cellar Master, Beatrice Cointreau sought to create a noble fragrance full of the scents surrounding the creation of cognac. 1270 is dry, rich, velvety and smooth. The flowers of the once-proud Folle Blanche (a grape nearly extinct from the region), the vineyard grass, the wine warehouse, the rich smell of damp earth in the cellars, the wood of new casks, the loamy smell of humus where the ancestral cognacs are stored- all these notes can be detected in 1270.”

-excerpt from First in Fragrance

Frapin 1270 starts out very (and I mean very!) fruity, a basket of sweet, dried fruit blooms before my nose, almost too much, since I do not suffer sweetness gladly, but it manages to stay this side of too much just barely.

After a few minutes I start to get really on board. The sweetness recedes in favor of a rich woody, spicy, a bit leathery, powdery and simply gorgeous mélange of scents that are an extremely harmonious whole. This is a perfume that doesn’t make me hunt for notes, that refuses to give them up anyway, and that is fine, here I feel no urge to dissect it. I am presented with a smooth blend that is seamless and complete.

I feel transported to an evening soirée, a ball at the Hofburg (the castle of the Austrian Kaiser in Vienna) maybe. I am waltzing in a red gown to the music of Johann Strauss, I can hear the laughter of people around me, the clinking of champagne glasses. The world is a colorful whirl around me and the only thing in focus is my dance partners smiling face. And what I smell is Frapin 1270.

The longer I wear it the more I like it. While I do not wholeheartedly love the top notes in their fruity glory, I like how it progresses into a smooth, yet complex oriental gourmand.

It is more elegant than its younger sibling 1697, more reserved, less sensual and erotically charged, but still very inviting in its way. It wears close to the skin, but is impressive in its longevity.

Your dance partner will have to lean in close to smell it, but he won’t want to leave then.

Image source:,,, some rights reserved, thank you!

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32 Responses to Belle Of The Ball – Review: Frapin 1270

  1. Axum says:

    Like wearing an exquisite brandy, then? I love the “apple” quality of a good cognac or armagnac.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Yes, something like that. Although not being a great fan of alcohol, I am glad when the heady, fruity-alcoholic top notes recede, then it starts to get wonderful. 🙂

  2. Ines says:

    I don’t love all of the Frapins but I do like them all, and some I adore. 🙂
    And I’m so glad now you wrote which ones you tried, because I can now include my favourite into this little thank you package I’m preparing for you.
    Btw, I’m still eagerly awaiting word 1697 arrives to Flores – they promised to let me know as soon as it’s here.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Let me guess your favorite – Caravelle Epicee? I came to own a sample of it too in the meantime and it is indeed very nice. Thought I’d let you know I am testing this one as well right now. 😉

      I hope you get to smell 1697 soon, I am curious what you will think! Be sure to let me know, please!

      • Ines says:

        There goes my surprise. 😦
        Oh well, at least you like it. 🙂
        I read I believe on Ca Fleure Bon that there are similarities between 1697 and Caravelle – what do you say, now you tried them both?

        • Olfactoria says:

          I don’t think they are very similar aside from the fact that both are spicy orientals. CE is much drier, the drydown more spare and almost smoky, whereas 1697 is lusher, warmer and “juicier” somehow. But that is just my opinion…

  3. Tara says:

    I LOVE the stewed fruit of Frapin 1270 and am strongly considering getting a full bottle later in the year as it feels to me like an Autumn scent. Many thanks for the comparison with 1697, I was wondering how differnet they are. Sadly for my bank account it sounds like I may need both! Love the image of the Vienna Ball, have you been to one?

    • Olfactoria says:

      These two Frapins very different, so both are certainly worth owning.
      I used to go to balls often, I love to dance, but in the recent years I have not gone, sadly that is something that fell by the wayside. 😦

  4. Suzanne says:

    On a day in which it seems that Spring is intent on hiding for awhile in its hide-and-seek fashion (it is well below freezing here and our temperature highs for the next few days are only to hover just above freezing), your review of this one is making me crave actual cognac and a warm, glowy, oriental frag. I’ve not tried the Frapins, have never even thought about the line much, but you’ve certainly got me craving them now! 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Oh no, still so cold? That is awful, a warm perfume really seems in order!
      Before 1697 convinced me, I ignored the line too, but everything I have seen so far was very nice indeed.

  5. deeHowe says:

    1270 was the topmost items on my Perfume House sniff-list, and I was so disappointed when I discovered that they don’t carry the line 😦 While I am a little frightened of those stewed fruits (Mr. H once commented to me that I smelled like an unfortunate potpurri while wearing “stewed fruits”), it really sounds like something I’d swoon over 😉

    …1697 is at the TOP of all my lists, and I confess, last night I registered an account with First in Fragrance (though I’m loathe to pay VAT!) in case I fall head-over-heels for it.

    Did I hear something about it possibly becoming part of their regular line-up? The company never responded to my e-mail, so I must hunt other grounds!


    • Olfactoria says:

      Unfortunate potpourri – Lol! 😀
      I don’t think it is very potpourri-like, but I enjoy the perfume more when the top notes are subdued.
      I will ship your Frapin 1697 on Monday, I promise along with some 1270. Can’t leave you hanging there totally frapin-less!

      Strange that they did not respond to your email, Lady Jane Grey contacted them too and received excellent customer service. Maybe you should write to the European representative?

      Of course I will do my best to get a bottle for you should you need one. 🙂

  6. Marina says:

    I remember this being a huge favorite some years ago and remember not being that impressed with it then, but I need to re-try!

  7. andrea says:

    I finally got around to trying this perfume after such wonderful reviews for this and the 1697 from yourself, I would have loved to try the 1697 but this has proven just a bit more difficult to get hold of, anyway I got my sample of 1270 out the other day since the winter has officially arrived here in the UK, all I can say is WOW and weep for my poor bank account, this is about the only perfume (this and Tonkamande) that has smelt exactly as I imagined it would do.
    I have ordered bottle from the helpful staff at Les Senteurs and cannot wait for it arrival, I was torn between this and Tonkamande for about a week but Tonkamande was out of stock (please not the dreaded ltd edition curse) so the choice was made a lot easier for me. It was meant to be as they say. 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      It makes me happy to hear that, Andrea! 1270 is really nice! Did you know that 1697 is now part of the permanent collection? It is now available in the same bottle as 1270, in 100ml and a slightly lower concentration (12 instead of 14%). If you ever talk to Nick at Les Senteurs say Hello from me!

  8. andrea says:

    I can not wait to get my bottle of 1270. I did not know that 1697 is part of the permanent collection, Les Senteurs does not stock it yet but maybe they will get it soon, (hopefully) It may have been Nick that I talked to, it was a man anyway and he was very helpful, he is ringing me when Tonkamande is back in stock so I will say Hello from you then.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I’m sure they’ll get it soon. First in Fragrance has it in stock already.
      I’m glad you are going for the Tonkamande as well after all, it has become one of my most worn perfumes, and it is really unique.

  9. andrea says:

    I really loved the Tonkamande as well but my reservations were that it did not last long on skin but then again it is difficult to get a true feeling of the fragrance from a dab tester, I await new stock with baited breath then that will put an end, for the time being, to my ever growing perfume collection. (I hope) Unless of course Les Senteurs gets 1697 in and I cant live without it, I think I need a better paid job.:-)

    • Olfactoria says:

      It really needs to be sprayed! A whole lot of difference!
      I need a better paid job as well! 🙂

      • andrea says:

        Thats put my mind at rest, many thanks for that.
        LOL re better paid job, how would you ever fit any more in after doing your perfume blogs and looking after your children? Imagine how many perfumes you would own full bottles of if money were no objecct? I would need a bigger house. 🙂

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  12. I”m wearing 1270 right now! It’s been my go-to for the last week, and I couldn’t agree more with your description. I want to petition Frapin to continue offering the 50 ml cognac-like bottle. I usually shy away from fruit in fragrance, but this boozy fruit stew is just the ticket. Your post makes me realize I was so focused on 1270 last time I sampled in a shop, that I forgot to try 1697.

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  14. Chelsea Cullen says:

    Hi Olfactoria, this perfume is my best friends FAVOURITE!! and i absolutely adore it, do you know of any where I can purchase it in Australia, i would love to surprise her with some!

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