The Princess – Review: Chanel N° 5 Eau Première

A little while ago I wrote about the Grande Dame of perfume, the most famous, the best-selling fragrance ever. No wonder that such a marketing machine demands to be fed.

So Chanel stepped up to the challenge and produced Chanel N°5‘s first flanker: Eau Première. Jacques Polge created “a silky-smooth harmony of notes that reveals the delicate facet of the world-renowned fragrance” (Source:

Targeted at a younger demographic, it is a Chanel N°5 for aspiring queens, a perfume fit for a princess. And of course, THE princess, the idol of my youth, immediately came to mind. I can imagine her wearing Eau Première, as it is fresh, young, but not too young, not carefree, but stately and elegant, beautiful and radiant, effervescent, but still restrained, always behaving and never taking a wrong step.

(I somehow doubt the Queen would agree ;))

HRH Princess Diana by P. Demarchelier

Eau Première is smoother, rounder, softer, less aldehydic, more citrus-y, very floral, sweeter, but less powdery in the drydown than Chanel N°5.

It has everything I like and it smells really good! Sillage is impressive and it holds its own for about five hours on my skin.

In my eyes this new interpretation of a classic works, the perfect flanker, if you will.

The perfect Princess.

Picture sources:, picture by Patrick Demarchelier via some rights reserved, thank you!

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13 Responses to The Princess – Review: Chanel N° 5 Eau Première

  1. Tara says:

    This one is on my “To Try” list and you’re making me even more eager. I’m thinking it would be lovely in the Summer? I’m short of warm weather perfumes and tend to wear my beloved Diorella from June to September. Ah, it’s nice to talk about Summer on such a cold day!

  2. deeHowe says:

    I’ll second Birgit and say that EP is great year-round. Normally it’s what I’d think of as a “blonde” fragrance, but both the hubby and I wear this successfully, and it’s the only perfume that someone in the grocery store has stopped me to ask what I was wearing.

    I bought the giant bottle, and it’s almost half gone! That alone attests to how lovely it is 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Funny, I see it as a blonde fragrance too, even though I normally don’t make a haircolor distinction in perfumes 😉

    • Tara says:

      Thanks for the advice D, maybe I’ll try it sooner than I planned. I do the same perfume labelling thing re hair colour too. I’ve never fancied most of the mainstream Chanels such as No. 5 and Cristale, for the same reason but perhaprs it’s more of a cool/warm thing?

      It’s funny, no one has asked me what perfume I’m wearing since I’ve got into scent in a big way. The last time was years ago with Aromatics Elixir.

  3. Marina says:

    Oh, perfect choice for Princess Di!

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