A Perfect Gift – Review: Olympic Orchids Deluxe Set

Hi there fellow Olfactoria’s Travelers,

Portia with you all the way from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse (and now writing for My Perfume Samples too). Today we are looking at one of my all time favourite Independent Perfumers, Ellen Covey, and how she has made Gift Giving so easy. Now the page says Holiday Gift giving but this pack can be given any time and for any reason and it comes with a coupon worth $25 toward the purchase of any 30 ml parfum spray in the new Olympic Orchids packaging. WOW!! Let’s see….

Deluxe Holiday Gift Set Olympic Orchids

Deluxe Holiday Gift Set Olympic OrchidsPhoto Stolen Olympic Orchids

What do you get?

1 x 5ml each of three of Ellen’s best sellers Ballets Rouges, California Chocolate and Olympic Rainforest
1 x full-sized Patchouli Lover’s soap
1 x one-ounce bottle of Amber-Labdanum all-purpose bath/body/hair oil
1 x Coupon worth $25 toward the purchase of any 30 ml parfum spray in the new packaging

How much? $45

Ballets Rouges is one of my all time favourite Olympic Orchid frags a lavish rose chypre that is both green and dark. I have extolled the fabulosity of Patchouli Lovers soap and how it creates an amazing base far any of your fragrances with patchouli or to heighten the depths of poor reformulations, also how smooth and silky it leaves my skin.

Amber/Labdanum bath oil needs only 5-6 drops to scent your bath and to nourish your skin while you soak, I wish Ellen sold these solo in 100ml bottles because it is so freaking good. The most perfect base for anything that has amber/vanilla/resins in the base, unbelievably good, and you can use it through your hair as a nourishment treatment too.

Deluxe Holiday Gift Set Olympic Orchids gift-box PIX1861 PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

From the Olympic Orchids site:

What do you get when you cross a neuroscientist and an orchid grower with a perfumer? You get a line of fragrances as unusual and diverse as the trillions of circuits make up the brain or the thousands of orchid species that bloom throughout the world’s jungles. These are perfumes for thinking people who love an intellectual challenge, but they are also perfumes for passionate people who love to exist in the moment, allowing themselves to be swept away by whatever form of beauty captures their emotions. They are extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people.

What better way to remind someone, or yourself, how special they are? And so reasonably priced too.

Olympic Orchids has the Deluxe Holiday Gift Set for $45

Have you tried any of the Olympic Orchids? Were there any that particularly blew your trumpet?
Portia xx


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13 Responses to A Perfect Gift – Review: Olympic Orchids Deluxe Set

  1. Azar says:

    Hi Portia,
    You know I love most everything Ellen does. I think my latest love is her newest fragrance, Mardi Gras.
    Azar xx

    • Hi there Azar,
      Ellen’s work resonates for my chemistry too. So lush and lavish, big fragrances that are bold and distinctive.
      Mardi Gras is on my list to try, hopefully it will be a winner that I can wear to Sydney’s GLBTIQ Mardi Gras in March 2016.
      Portia xx

  2. Dubaiscents says:

    I love pretty much all of Ellen’s line and the fact that you can buy small sizes is absolutely perfect for those of us with too much perfume already 🙂 Her sampling program is amazing as well (as you have shown). I love so many of her scents but, Ballets Rouges is one of my favorites along with the Seattle and California Chocoloate scents and Dev 2…. I could go on and on. I really enjoyed Woodcut more than I expected (I’m not a huge woody scent fan) and Mardi Gras reminded me of her other scent, Golden Cattlaya – both very very nice. If you haven’t tried this line, definitely do!

    • Hiya DubaiScents,
      Golden Cattleya!! What a fragrance. So outrageous and unexpected. YUMMO! Ballets Rouges is one of my Go-To roses.
      What is it that draws you to Dev 2 in particular?
      Lovely to see you.
      Portia xx

  3. cookie queen says:

    Hi Honeypie.
    Not tried anything yet. However that will be remedied at the beginning of September when I am in Seattle. To say I am excited would be an understatement. 🙂

    • Val,
      I’m wondering which of Ellen’s fragrances you’ll fall for. I know you have very specific boundaries. Maybe Olympic Amber could be one to win you, Little stars is another I think you should try, its twinkling light and shade may well call to you.
      Either way you’ll get to spend some time with the cool crew in Seattle, tres jealous.
      Portia xx

  4. Tara says:

    Shame on me, Portia. I really need to try the Olympic Orchids line. US indie brands fall by the wayside with me.
    I’ll let the Cookie Queen tell me what to focus on when she gets back from the States. The ones in this gift set sound fab though. I agree Ellen really should think about selling big bottles of that Amber oil separately. Sounds like a winner to me.

    • Tara, There is simply too much to try in the world. You have to pick your battles and testing every fragrance release from every house is unwinnable.
      Having said that, I think Olympic Orchids one of the best and most intelligently created lines from an independent perfumer. Most of Ellen Covey’s fragrances bear little or no resemblance to mainstream, mass-tige or even most of the niche offerings. They are apart and boundary pushing. Definitely not for everyone but I think them as close to wearable “art” as fragrance has yet come.
      then again I could be biased because Ellen Covey herself is so freaking amazing. Perfumer, orchid grower, scientist and runner: and excels at all of them. COOL.
      Portia xx

  5. Portia, Wow!!! Thank you for the fabulous review!!! You are amazing. It looks like the Amber-Labdanum Oil needs to graduate to a 100 ml size!
    Ellen xxx

  6. Sandra says:

    Hi Portia! I really want to try the Amber-Labdanum oil. That sounds amazing! Thanks for the heads up. Xoxo

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