Happy New Year! – Prosit 2012!

Wishing you a very happy and successful, joyful and lucky year 2012, may it be full of love and perfume!

Thank you for reading Olfactoria’s Travels, I hope to see you all in the coming 365 days.

Image source: debutanteclothing.com

About Olfactoria

I'm on a journey through the world of fragrance - come with me!
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20 Responses to Happy New Year! – Prosit 2012!

  1. Bellatrix says:

    Happy new year dear B.!

  2. Jeannemarie says:

    Happy, happy New Year!

  3. IsabelleMi says:

    Happy New Year to you, Birgit, and your loved ones!

  4. Happy New Year, dear Birgit 🙂

  5. Natalie says:

    Happy new year, B!

  6. Undina says:

    Happy New Year, Birgit!

  7. GeM says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours, encantadora Birgit!
    -I’m a bit late because I was out!-

  8. Julie says:

    Happy New Year, sweet Birgit! I smelled deliciously of Frapin1697 thanks to your generosity. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and blessed new year 🙂

  9. florence says:

    Happy New Year full of perfumed dreams which make people happy and the world a bit less difficult!!!

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