Olfactoria’s Sales and Swap Page Added

At the top you will find a new tab leading to my sales page.

There are quite a few bottles in my collection that I feel have no longer a place the, downsizing to what I am really wearing regularly is the goal.

Therefore, I listed the first batch of bottles seeking a better, more loving home than I can provide. 😉

Please feel free to ask questions, offers or swap suggestions are always considered! Just email me under olfactoria at gmail dot com


About Olfactoria

I'm on a journey through the world of fragrance - come with me!
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6 Responses to Olfactoria’s Sales and Swap Page Added

  1. masha7 says:

    Ninfeo Mio, Flora Bella, Lovely. Spill the beans, girl, what’s the story behind those? Here’s mine with those 3– Ninfeo Mio really blew me away, I loved it, bought a large decant. Later, in a humid climate, I noticed a dogwood note creeping up (ie: cat pee), and that ruined it for me. Still love the rest of it, though, sigh. Flora Bella- used up a half-bottle, loved it, then it suddenly seemed just too sweet, gave it to a friend. Lovely- the best celebuscent ever, but after a bottle, just didn’t want to smell it anymore. Too bland. Got an amazing number of compliments on it, though.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Mostly it is the simple fact that I know that in this life, I won’t ever be able to use everything I have. And there are just many perfumes I prefer or see myself craving more than those three… 🙂

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